Professional Development

Organizational Excellence and Development (OED) provides professional development opportunities and continuous learning for all College employees. In addition, we provide one-on-one and small-group consultative services and custom training solutions for departments and divisions across the District. It is our commitment to:

  • Design, develop, and deliver training and professional learning opportunities in appropriate modes and models for TCC faculty and staff. This training and learning will strengthen their capacity to successfully perform in their roles in alignment with the strategic direction provided by the College's 3 Goals and 8 Principles.
  • Use data-informed, evidence-based practices grounded in scholarship to advance educational innovations related to educational technology, teaching and learning, and their processes.


OED enhances the College's mission of quality teaching and learning by providing excellent professional learning opportunities for faculty and college personnel to strengthen their capacity to contribute to student success, supporting enterprise-level educational technologies, and championing the advancement of scholarship and educational innovation.


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Updated June 22, 2023