Toro waving

Toro the Trailblazer, at your service! Unlike my kin in the Fort Worth Stockyards, I crave knowledge and adventure more than the rodeo scene. That's why I found my perfect home at Tarrant County College (TCC) in 2011, becoming their official mascot, Toro the Trailblazer!

My mission? I’m hoping to meet you wonderful folks of Tarrant County and inspire you and your family to come to TCC. 

Feel free to invite me to your event! 

How do I request Toro at my event?

Requests may include appearances at TCC campuses, local schools, churches, community centers or other events.

Your request must:

  • Be submitted through the TCC Mascot Reservation Form.
  • Be made two weeks in advance.
  • Be within the Tarrant County service area.
  • Have a maximum of a two-hour time-frame.
  • Be requested as an enhancement/addition to an event, not as the event itself.
  • Have an individual on site assigned to serve as the helper for Toro, to meet Toro upon arrival and stay with him through the end of the event.
  • Provide a room on-site as a changing area.

Updated April 17, 2024