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Campus Administrators

S. Sean Madison, Ed.D.
Campus President

Irene Thrower, M.S.
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs

Robert Muñoz, Ed.D.
Vice President for Community and Industry Education

Julie L. Amon, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Development Services

Joseph Cameron, M.S.
Dean of Health Sciences

Anand Ramaswami, Ph.D.
Mathematics, Science and Business Divisional Dean

Scott Robinson, Ph.D.
Humanities Divisional Dean

Tetsuya Umebayashi, D.N.P., R.N.
Dean of Nursing

Deidra R. Turner, Ph.D.
Director of Counseling

Tara Firmin, M.A.
Director of Academic Affairs

Director of Campus Strategic Planning and Effectiveness

Carter Bedford, M.S.
Director of Student Development Services

Waymond Stewart, M.S.
Interim Director of Community & Industry Education

Susan Smith, Ph.D.
Director of Library Services

Jack Henson, M.Ed.
Principal of Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences

Wafeeq Sabir, Ph.D.
Assistant to the President

Updated February 12, 2019