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Youth Enrichment Programs

Our youth enrichment programs are designed to offer young athletes and artists as well as future business persons, scientists and techies opportunities to pursue their interests. These hands-on learning experiences will engage our youth while they learn leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

All classes will be in-person.

Ongoing Academic Enrichment

    Earn high school credit, prepare for college and sharpen your skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). TCC PREP a 7-week academic enrichment summer program that helps you prepare for careers in STEM fields.

College for Kids

Go to college and participate in a wide variety of exciting classes!

College for Kids provides an opportunity for children in grades 3 through 8 to enroll in academic, arts and crafts, science and technology, and health and fitness courses.

Additional Youth Enrichment

  • Basketball Camp
    Practice the fundamentals of basketball, while developing and improving your shooting passing, dribbling, individual offense, defense and rebounding
  • Choir Workshop
    Learn the Texas Music Educators Association All State Choir music for district, regional and area tryouts.
  • Coding Camp
    Engage in a game-like environment that will be interactive, artistic and a fun learning experience
  • Cosmetology Camp
    Enjoy exploring make-up, hair, and nail techniques from informative demonstrations and hands-on classes.
  • Culinary Camp
    Gain hands-on culinary training
  • Drones Camp
    Learn to operate and use drones for digital imaging.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) Camp
    Engage in web mapping and data collection using geospatial applications in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) lab.
  • IDD Career Exploration Camp
    Develop technical competencies and critical thinking skills while exploring new applications of technology and media.
  • Lego Robotics Camp
    Create a robot using Lego Robotics equipment and software tools.
  • Latina STEM Fellowship
    Join other young women interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for skill building, career exploration, education planning and mentorship.
  • Managing Money Camp
    Reinforce your foundational math skills while developing higher-level problem-solving and reasoning skills.
  • Reading Exploration Camp
    Focus on recognition and comprehension of vocabulary.
  • Robotics Camp
    Practice the principles of robotics and create robots.
  • Teen vs Wild
    Hone and develop adventure skill sets needed to be successful and knowledgeable leaders.
  • Volleyball Camp
    Receive rules and instruction on how to play the game.

Ready to Register?

Be sure to read the youth enrichment policies before applying. Once you have been accepted, visit our register for youth courses page to view the registration instructions.


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Updated October 05, 2022