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    • Core Curriculum Requirement: Language, Culture & Philosophy
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When you study French, you are not only learning a language rich in history and culture, but you are also opening doors to greater career opportunities.

Our program focuses on communication skills and cultural understanding. We offer a variety of courses for everyone from complete beginners to those with some experience with French.

TCC Foundation French Studies Scholarship

For more information about applying for this and other scholarships or to make a contribution to the TCC Foundation French Studies Scholarship, visit the TCC Foundation Scholarship Info.

Reasons to Study French

French can help you:

  • Succeed in a global community
    • French is spoken on 5 continents by over 200 million people in more than 50 countries
  • Expand your English vocabulary
    • 50% English vocabulary is derived from French. You probably already know more French words than you think you do!
  • Explore international opportunities in science and technology
    • France is an innovator aeronautics, telecommunications, civil engineering and medical technologies—among others.

French is fun!

French is known as the language of culture—cinema, art, music, dance, fashion and cuisine.

Plus, French enhances travel abroad because you can communicate in Europe, the Caribbean and many African countries





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Updated January 23, 2024