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Quick Facts

  • Courses:
    • Core Curriculum Requirement: Life & Physical Sciences
    • Degree & certificate plan requirements
  • Courses are offered at: all campuses


Geology involves the study of the workings of the earth, its processes, its history and how it relates to our everyday life.

We offer courses in:

  • Earth sciences
  • Environmental geology
  • Geologic field methods
  • Historical geology
  • Meteorology
  • Ocean sciences
  • Physical geology

Reasons to Study Geology

  • Explore global changes
  • Understand our natural resources
  • Learn about the origins of the Earth
  • Consider ways to manage and sustain our natural resources and our environment
  • Work outdoors


Course Formats

While our standard approach focuses on learning through lectures and hands-on laboratory work, we also offer courses through eLearning.

Field Courses

The field course trips vary from year to year and from campus to campus.

You study in places like:

  • Texas
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Grand Canyon
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Yosemite National Park




Northeast Campus

Kevin Barrett
Co-Chair, Physical Sciences

Call 817-515-6694


Northwest Campus

Juan Barbarin-Castillo
Department Chair, Physical Sciences

Call 817-515-7341


South Campus

Stacey Metzler
Department Chair, Physical Sciences

Call 817-515-4759


Southeast Campus

Samantha Caputi
Instructor of Geology

Call 817-515-3019


Trinity River Campus

Taylor M. Hughlett
Department Chair, Physical Sciences

Call 817-515-1651


TCC Connect Campus

Sergio Sarmiento
Associate Professor of Geology

Call 817-515-8071


Updated November 02, 2021