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Quick Facts

  • Courses:
    • Core Curriculum Requirement:
      • American History
      • Language, Culture & Philosophy
    • Degree & certificate plan requirements
  • Courses are offered at: all campuses


Studying history and the human experience helps us understand people and societies.

While studying history, you will develop skills in:

  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis
  • Assessment of evidence
  • Communication

Transferring is easy

  • Our history courses transfer directly to all Texas colleges and universities.
  • Our U.S. History courses apply to the 6 hours required for bachelor’s degree in all Texas colleges and universities.
  • Our World Civilization and Western Civilization World Geography courses meet requirements for many majors and are also transferable.



Studying history prepares you for careers in diverse areas, including:

  • Education
  • Civil service
  • Business management
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Community service
  • Research

If you are interested in pursuing studies in history, check out the American Historical Association (AHC): Career Center for more information.

Updated October 18, 2021