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Quick Facts

  • Courses fulfill:
    • Core Curriculum Requirement: Speech & Communication
    • Degree & certificate plan requirements
  • Transfer: Field of Study (9–18 semester credit hours)
  • Courses offered at: all campuses


Speech is more than giving a presentation. Speech is communication. It’s sharing your thoughts, expressing your ideas and exchanging information.

Our Speech courses are designed to help you gain more confidence in public speaking situations and be successful personally and professionally.

Strong communication skills are the #1 sought-after job skill. Our courses help improve your employability by emphasizing:

  • Listening and speaking skills
  • Self-confidence and overcoming fear of public speaking
  • Cultural awareness
  • Appropriate and effective communication in organizational settings 
  • Interpersonal and leadership skills in the workplace
  • Problem-solving groups and group communication
  • Cover letter and résumé construction
  • Interviewing skills and techniques

Reasons to Study Speech

It’s interactive & engaging!

You will have a chance to be part of a group and get to know your classmates through a variety of:

  • Class activities
  • Community service projects
  • Speaking opportunities


Important: Check with your transferring institution to determine which courses will transfer.




Northwest Campus

Zachary Frohlich, Department Chair

Southeast Campus

Courtney Kopecky, Instructor

Updated May 14, 2020