Faculty & Staff

Faculty Participation at Commencement

Faculty are invited to celebrate the graduates and be celebrated for their role in getting our grads to the finish line!

Faculty are encouraged to attend commencement and will be provided with seating and rental regalia if they do not have their own regalia.

Faculty are also welcome to sign up to be an ambassador at commencement (see below).

Serving at Commencement

All employees are encouraged to participate as commencement ambassadors to help make this a seamless event for graduates and their families.

Overtime and Flex Time for Commencement Ambassadors

Non-exempt employees who serve as commencement ambassadors will be eligible for compensatory or overtime at 1.5 times your regular hourly rate. Compensatory or overtime will only be paid if you have worked 40 hours in that work week. If any type of leave is used during that week, you will only accrue regular pay/leave, according to policy. See TCC's CDD (LOCAL) Policy for more information on compensation options for non-exempt employees.

Exempt employees are not eligible for compensatory or overtime. However, with supervisor approval, hours worked by exempt employees may be "flexed" after the ceremony.

Register to be a Commencement Ambassador

Details will be published in Spring 2024.

Updated July 13, 2023