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Clearly, your academic accomplishment is worthy of celebration! As the number of TCC graduates has increased steadily over the last few years we have had to think about the best way to ensure the commencement ceremony is joyous for everyone in attendance.

The Commencement Committee explored several options to accommodate the growing number of graduates (and their supporters) in attendance. Starting in 2016, TCC hosted two commencement ceremonies instead of one. At the time it was determined the fairest way to assign which graduates would attend what ceremony would be by alphabetical order.

However, we have discovered this makes it difficult for students who are graduating in a cohort to graduate with their peers and for faculty to attend with identified programs or their campus. To address these concerns, we've reviewed the past five commencement ceremonies and determined the best way to assign graduates will be by the campus associated with the program of study.

The first ceremony will include Northeast, Southeast and Connect campuses. The second ceremony will include Northwest, South and Trinity River. Since we are dividing by campus and because the ceremony is on a Saturday, Early College High School graduates will participate in the ceremony that corresponds to their campus.  For example, because Marine Creek Early Collegiate High School is located at Northwest, they would participate in the second ceremony.

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Updated May 04, 2018