Transitional Skills

Our transitional education skills courses are for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We design our courses to help students learn the skills they need to live and thrive independently and participate in their communities. 


You must: 

  • Be at least 18 years of age.  
  • Travel to and from class independently or with an attendant. 
  • Maintain appropriate behavior during unsupervised lunches and breaks or have an aide to supervise. 
  • Demonstrate proper hygiene. 
  • Not have a recent history of violent offenses. 

No high school diploma is required. 


Currently, we offer programming at the following campuses: 

Northeast Campus

  • STEPS: (Skills, Training and Enrichment for Promoting Success) Choose one or more of our course pathways: college readiness, career or hobby, or life skills. 

South Campus

  • A Step Above: Take college transitional courses and workforce preparation courses that provide real work experience. 

Southeast Campus

Types of Courses  

Each program is structured differently but provides some of the same courses. These courses include:  

  • Independent living 
  • Money management & budget 
  • Reading, vocabulary and math enrichment 
  • Social skills and communications 
  • College exploration 
  • Self-advocacy 

How to Apply and Register 

Contact the campus you would like to attend.  


Northeast Campus

Lifestyle and Community Learning

South Campus

Lifestyle and Community Learning

Southeast Campus

Lifestyle and Community Learning

Updated March 08, 2024