Repeat a Course

A course repeat is the same course taken past the census date more than once. The official day of record for an undergraduate regular term course is the 12th class day (census date).  

All courses that receive a grade will be reported on your transcript.

Course Repeat Policy

  • Prior to Fall 1996: Both grades are included in the GPA.
  • Between Fall 1996 and Summer 2003: Only the latest grade is included in the GPA.
  • Effective Fall 2003: The highest grade earned is included in the GPA.

Course Repeats and Tuition

Texas legislation now disallows funding on the third or subsequent enrollment in any course other than a non-degree-credit developmental course containing the same content. State regulations allow an institution of higher education to charge a higher tuition rate to a student whose hours can no longer be submitted for state funding.

At TCC, after you have taken a course 3 times, you will pay the regular tuition plus an additional $60 per semester hour.


Updated January 20, 2023