Drops and Withdrawals

You can find the deadline to drop or withdraw from a class by visiting the applicable academic calendar:

We strongly encourage you meet with your instructor, an advisor, and/or financial aid to review the potential impacts of a drop before you make your final decision.

How do I drop a class from my schedule?

To drop a class you're enrolled in or to remove it from your upcoming semester schedule:

  1. Log in to MyTCCTrack
  2. Click on Academics (with the graduation cap icon) in the expandable menu (or located on the left-hand side if you're on your desktop).
  3. Select Student Planning> Plan & Schedule.
  4. Find the course you want to drop.
  5. Click the Drop button, which should be located under that course. A pop up window will appear confirming the course you want to drop.
  6. Select Update to complete the drop process.

Note: Once you click Update, the course will still appear on your schedule but will change color, indicating you're no longer enrolled. You can remove the course from your schedule by clicking X.

What is the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?

A course drop happens when you drop (or are dropped from) your class on or before the census date (the official day of record).

A course withdrawal happens when you drop (or are dropped from) your class after the census date.

How will this show up on my transcript?

If you drop your class on or before the census date, it will not appear on your official transcript.

If you drop your class after the census date for the class (otherwise known as a withdrawal), the class and a grade of "W" will show up on your official transcript.

How do I know the census dates for my semester?

The census date for undergraduate classes is the 12th day of class for the Fall and Spring semester 16-week sessions.

Find your census date by either:

What if I'm taking a continuing education class?

Depending on the course length of your continuing education course, the census date is the third class day.

If your class is less than 3 days, then the census date is the last day of class.

Will dropping a class affect my financial aid?

If you receive financial aid, we recommend meeting with a financial aid representative before dropping your class.

A financial aid representative can determine if you'll be expected to return any financial aid funds dispensed earlier in the term, if this impacts your Satisfactory Academic Progress, and if it will affect any future financial aid.

Is there a max number of classes I can drop?

If you are a first-time student of Fall 2007 or later, you may not drop more than 6 courses, including those taken at another college or university, according to the Texas Education Code, Section 51.907.

Find more information about the Drop 6 rule, and how, in special cases, you can request an exception.

What if something happens, and I'm not able to drop the class myself, but need to?

The College can invoke an administrative withdrawal, in this case. The College reserves the right to withdraw you from class if, in the judgment of College officials, such withdrawal is in the best interest of you or the student body at large.

Updated February 05, 2024