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Extend Your Studies at TCC

I-20s are issued for a maximum of two years, but if you need more time to complete your degree, you can apply for an extension. Since TCC degrees can be completed in less than two years, extensions are granted only in special circumstances. Valid reasons might include change of major, change of degree plan, major sickness or injury. Failing classes or being suspended are not valid reasons.

An extension of your I-20 requires International Admissions Office approval, but does not require an application to the U.S. government.

How do I extend my I-20?

At least four weeks before your I-20 expiration date, submit the following to the International Admissions Office:

Incomplete extension requests will not be processed.

If your application is approved, the International Admissions Office will issue your extended I-20, with a new expiration date. The new date is an estimate of when you should be able to graduate successfully.

Only one extension is allowed unless there are documented reasons such as another serious illness. We cannot guarantee additional extensions.

What if my request is denied?

If your request is denied, apply to another school in the United States and seek an immediate transfer. The other school must be SEVIS-approved and must admit you. The transfer must be done as soon as possible after the semester concludes at TCC. It is possible in certain situations to transfer but concurrently enroll at TCC.

U.S. immigration law requires you to leave the United States immediately after your I-20 expiration date if you did not graduate, if you are denied an extension, or if you fail to transfer to another college. There is no grace period.

Updated June 28, 2021