Toro holding a TCC Trailblazer pennetYou've done it. You've made it to TCC!

Now what?

If enrolling in college is a completely new experience for you, you probably have questions—and lots of them. Luckily, TCC provides new student orientation to help you start your semester with a clear picture of the road ahead.

What is New Trailblazer Orientation (NTO)?

New Trailblazer Orientation (NTO) is a one-time 4-hour interactive session that connects you—a first-time-in-college (FTIC) student—to the college campus, faculty, staff and support resources. 

If you are an FTIC student, then this is a great opportunity to get some of your questions answered and to prepare you for a successful entry into the college experience!

Who has to attend New Trailblazer Orientation?

All FTIC students. You must meet with a Career Advisor to enroll in a New Trailblazer Orientation session.

When and where is my New Trailblazer Orientation?

You choose when and where you take New Trailblazer Orientation. We recommend you choose an orientation session on the campus where you will take most of your classes.

If your home campus is TCC Connect, your orientation will be virtual.

What happens during New Trailblazer Orientation?

New Trailblazer Orientation focuses on getting you connected with fellow students, faculty and staff, your campus, and the resources around you.

During orientation, you’ll:

  • Register for classes
  • Learn about campus-based and online support services
  • Discover campus life opportunities
  •  Meet your peers and TCC faculty and staff
  • Optional: tour the campus

Can my family or my support system come with me to New Trailblazer Orientation?

Yes! Your family members or those who are in support of your college journey are welcome to attend New Trailblazer Orientation.

There will be some sessions that are just for them to learn about the college experience and resources to help support your time at TCC.

You can notify your Career Advisor if you would like to bring anyone with you to New Trailblazer Orientation.

What else can I do to make sure I'm prepared for college?

We offer STSC 0111: Student Transition to College Success Course (STSC), a non-credit course designed to teach you the skills, strategies and best practices to succeed in college. Speak with a career advisor for more information about STSC 0111.


Speak with a career advisor for more information about attending New Trailblazer Orientation.

Updated January 09, 2024