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Upcoming Courses at TCC Connect Campus

Get ahead this winter with online classes that fit your schedule. Learn about being an online student at TCC or registering online for classes.

5 Reasons to Take Online Winter Courses at TCC Connect Campus

Save Money

At just $64 per credit hour, you could complete 15 hours–one full semester–for $960 if your permanent address is in Tarrant County. Compare that to the average tuition of four-year colleges and universities for the same classes, using the same materials and taught by the same instructors, and you will see the enormous cost savings.

Pick Your Schedule

TCC Connect Campus's "online anytime" schedule means you can take your classes during the day, at night, or on weekends—working at your own pace and during the hours that make the most sense for your holiday schedule.

Enjoy Variety

TCC offers 31 fully online programs including 5 associate degrees, 13 certificates and more than 350 online college credit courses. Program offerings include Accounting, Business, Small Business Management, Office Technology and many others.

Complete Your Core Classes

Taking online classes during Wintermester allows you to complete your core classes or prerequisites faster, saving your Fall and Spring terms for the specialized courses requiring greater time and focus.

Advance Faster

By taking classes during Wintermester (December 13, 2019–January 4, 2020), you can complete up to 3 hours of transferrable credits. This translates into graduating sooner and with more money in the bank!

Wintermester 2020

Find TCC Connect's Wintermester 2020 course schedule.

Spring 2020

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Updated March 03, 2020