Device Loan Program

TCC has computer devices for loan if you don't have the technology to take upcoming classes online.

Devices are limited and checked out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Types of Devices

We currently have a limited number of:

  • Chromebooks: You must have your own WiFi to use a Chromebook. Charger included.
  • Tablets: Contain built-in WiFi. Bluetooth keyboard and charger included.

Am I eligible to check out a TCC device for my class?

Yes, all students are eligible.

How can I check out a TCC device for my class?

To check out a TCC device,

  1. Complete the online TCC Device Loan Program application.
  2. Wait for your confirmation email from the TCC Library. All emails will go to your email.
  3. Pick up your device on the assigned date from your assigned campus.

Due to limited inventory, applying for a TCC device does not guarantee one will be available for you to check out.

What if I need help with my TCC device?

For help setting up and getting to know your TCC-issued tablet, watch our informational video.


Text: 817-769-6940

Updated February 27, 2023