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Student Parking Permits

Student parking permits are free. Campus Police Offices issue parking permits.

Get Your Parking Permit

You need:

  • Current Driver's License
  • Class Schedule and Fee Statement

To print your class schedule and fee statement from WebAdvisor after you register and pay for your courses:

    1. Log in to WebAdvisor
    2. Select Students
    3. Select Schedule and Fee Statement (located under the Business Services heading)
    4. Select the term from the list (for example: 2013SU, 2013FL, 2014SP)
    5. Select Submit
    6. Select Click to Print

Keep Track of the Expiration Date

Parking permits have expiration dates printed on them. You must renew your parking permit after it expires.

Replace Your Parking Permit

Replacement fee: $5

Contact a Campus Police Office for instructions.

Updated August 04, 2016