Parking permits are only required for classes on Trinity River Campus or Trinity River Campus East. You must get your parking permit stamped by the Trinity River Campus police.

Parking permits are no longer required for the Northeast, Northwest, South or Southeast campuses.

Find out how to get, renew or replace your parking permit.

Campus Motor Vehicle Regulations

You are expected to be familiar with and abide by the motor vehicle regulations outlined in the "Campus Motor Vehicle Regulations" booklet, available at your campus police department.

The rules and regulations are enforced at all times, including evenings and weekends. The College assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or its content while the vehicle is parked on College property. You should lock or otherwise secure your vehicle while parked on any TCC campus.

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Police Assistance

Contact TCC Police Dispatch at 817-515-8911 if police assistance if you need help unlocking your vehicle or jump-starting it. Call the Police Department for your campus if you have questions about citations and all other information relating to police matters.

Updated January 03, 2024