Traffic Violations

The following violations are not all-inclusive. Officers can issue municipal citations for certain moving and parking violations. Municipal citation fines are paid to the municipal court, not the TCCD Police Department.

Moving Violations

Violation Fee
Reckless Driving $10
Driving Wrong Way $10
Failed to Yield to Pedestrian/Vehicle $10
Excessive Speed $10
Failed to Stop $10
Speed Too Fast for Conditions $10
Exhibition of Speed/Acceleration $10

Parking Violations

Violation Fee
Parked in Administrator/Faculty/Staff Zone $25
Parked in Disabled Zone $10
No Parking Permit Displayed** $10
Expired Parking Permit** $10
Parked in Posted Zone $10
No Parking Zone/Fire Lane $10
Blocked Fire Lane $10
Blocked Driveway $10
Double Parked $10
Obstructing Traffic $10
Permit Improperly Displayed** $5*
Parked in Motorcycle Zone $5*
Parked Against One Way/Back-In/Pull-Through Parked $5*

 *$5 fee for first offense; increased to $10 fee for each additional violation of the same offense during the school year, September through August. Fines must be paid to the Business Services Office.

**This applies only to students who attend Trinity River Campus and Trinity River Campus East.

Vehicles can be towed immediately from the campus at the owner’s expense for:

  • Parking on the inner-campus service road or walkways.
  • Blocking a fire lane or driveway.
  • Causing a safety hazard or obstructing traffic.
  • Abandoning a vehicle.

Updated January 20, 2023