The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of academic records.

To view grades or an unofficial transcript online:

  1. Log in to MyTCCTrack
  2. Select Academics from the menu (the graduation cap icon)
  3. Select either Grades or Unofficial Transcript

Grades posted on the virtual classroom are not official.

Grading System

Grade Point Value
A 4 points (excellent)
B 3 points (good)
C 2 points (average)
D 1 point (passing)
F 0 points (failure)

These grades—as well as developmental course grades—are not included in your GPA:

Grade Status
I incomplete
W approved withdrawal
NC no credit
AU audit
CR credit

Calculating GPA

First, calculate the total grade points earned.


  • A letter grade of A in ENGL 1301: 4 points x 3 semester hours = 12 grade points
  • A letter grade of B in BIOL 1401: 3 points x 4 semester hours = 12 grade points

The GPA (grade point average) = total grade points / total hours attempted.


  • 24 total grade points/7 semester hours = 3.4 GPA

Change of Grade

You may petition for a grade change within 30 days after the first class day of the next regular semester.

To request a change of grade, contact your instructor. If the instructor isn't available, contact the department chair.

Visit the TCC Catalog to learn more about grade reviews and appeals.

Updated May 02, 2024