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Northeast Campus Student Organizations

Join a club through myTCC

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on TCC Clubs and Committees in the upper left corner
  3. Click Northeast Campus
  4. Find the organization and hover over the Organization ID
  5. Click on the arrow to the right of the ID and a box will appear
  6. Click Enroll

If you would like to start your own club or organization, contact the Student Activities Office located at NSTU 1502. Email Cara Walker at or call 817-515-6560.

Anime Club

We promote understanding and working with anime, manga, Japanese culture and other fandoms such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Transformers and comic books.

Advisor: Lynn Dally,, 817-515-6668

Astronomy Club

We provide students and others interested in astronomy an avenue to learn more. During the regular semesters we meet once a month on a Friday evening near the new moon. Membership is open to anyone interested in astronomy, and dues are $10 per year. Our club is a member organization of the Astronomical League.


Baptist Student Ministry

Our purpose is to provide a ministry to the campus community, leading them toward faith in God through Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, guiding them in Christian growth and discipleship, and involving them in responsible church membership.

Advisor: Eliud Gutierrez,, 817-515-6395

Biology Club

Our purpose is to enhance and support the academic growth and development of the TCC student through peer and faculty mentoring and community involvement.

Advisor: Kristin Byrd,, 817-515-6842

Broadcasting Association

Our purpose is to give students interested in broadcasting a chance to further their education by utilizing their knowledge in projects involving radio and television. We also introduce members to guest speakers and other people involved in radio, television and other forms of media.


Catholic Student Union

Our hope is to provide a place where students can fellowship, build healthy relationships, and develop in the community.

Advisor: Tim Sebesta,, 817-515-6959 

Club 50+

Our purpose is to provide an alliance between mature members of the community. Our goal is to attempt to provide an environment of support, encouragement, and friendship.


Circle of Nations @ TCC Club

Our club is for students who are interested in the American Indian language and culture. Membership is open to all students.


Cisco Users Club

The Cisco Users Club is founded on the principle of sharing knowledge in order for everyone involved to further their understanding of computer networks. Our focus is discussing network infrastructure, both hardware and software, with the emphasis on Cisco technologies. We strive to foster an environment of learning and camaraderie. We meet every Saturday at noon in NHSC 1211.

Advisor: Neil Brooks,, 817-515-6125

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is for anyone interested in writing fiction, poems, memoirs, screenplays or any creative writing. We read and critique each other’s work, hear from faculty or local writers on writing, and share advice on publishing. Join us!

Advisor: Rebecca Balcarcel,, 817-515-6539

Dance Club

We welcome all from the campus community who are interested in dance in its many forms. Master classes, discussions, film viewings and other social activities are focused on different styles of dance. No previous training is needed.


Drama Club

Our purpose is to spread awareness of the dramatic arts on campus and throughout The Metroplex. Membership is open to registered students at TCC.

Advisor: TBN

El Grupo

We are a group of students interested in continuing the study of the Spanish language beyond the scope of courses normally available.

Advisor: James Palmer,, 817-515-6932

Encore/Glee Club

We are an organization made up of all singing and choir students dedicated to furthering our interests in vocal music through concerts, recitals and lectures. We support the TCC Northeast choir program by representation at Fall Fest, Spring Fest, etc. We also support the TCC Northeast Music Department through many varied activities.

Advisor: Bobbie Douglass,, 817-515-6570

French Club

Our club is for students who are interested in francophone culture, cuisine, community, conversation, service, leadership in the community, and fun! Membership is open to all students.


Gamer's Club

The purpose of the club is to provide students with the opportunity to experience different games, game consoles, and gaming culture as a whole in a friendly environment.

Advisor: Adrian Neely,, 817-515-6465

Geoscience Club

Our club is here to give all interested students an opportunity to increase their understanding and promote a greater appreciation of the geosciences within the TCC community.

Advisor: Kevin Barrett,, 817-515-6352

German Club

Our club is for students who are interested in the German language and German culture. Membership is open to all students.

Advisor: Maddalena De Nicola,, 817-515-6538

Guitar Club

Our purpose is to give students the opportunity to explore guitars, extend their knowledge of the instrument and to encourage and stimulate interest in guitars within the student body. We also organize and attend events which promote education such as but not limited to speakers, workshops, critique sessions, and other guitar focused events.


I & U Child Development Club

Our club is for any TCC student interested in advocating for children, learning best practices, education children, and learning more about child development.

Advisor: Lisa Self,, 817-515-6915

International Club

We are a multicultural organization open to all students that promote multicultural awareness and emphasize academic excellence. We encourage student involvement in campus events to help foster appreciation for the various cultures, nationalities, ethnic groups, and languages represented in the TCC population and the community.


Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Epsilon Eta Chapter

The purpose of our chapter shall be to promote excellence in, and recognize outstanding contributions to, education. Membership in this organization requires sophomore standing (30 hours), completion or in the process of completing 12 hours of professional education or child development courses, and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for all coursework completed. Candidate should exemplify worthy educational ideals, express an intention of continuing in the field of education, and give evidence of leadership abilities. Please see the advisor for more information. 


Martial Arts Club

Our purpose is to bring together students who share an interest in the martial arts, to serve as a bridge between cultures, increase exposure to other styles, and promote personal growth.

Advisor: Shane Whitehead,, 817-515-6910

Math Club "Infinity"

We provide students and others interested in mathematics with an avenue to learn more. We will meet to discuss topics of the TCC Math Competition and other topics selected by the club members. Membership is open to all students.

Advisor: Kimberly Campbell,, 817-515-6363

Northeast Art Association (NEAA)

We seek to assist students with their creative endeavors, help them develop personal and professional goals, enable departments to collectively produce better products, and enable all student-based clubs that are art related to collectively offer feedback to departmental faculty.


Northeast Campus Association of Potters & Sculptors (NECAPS)

We are association of students enrolled in 3D ceramics classes. We sponsor workshops for visiting potters and sculptors and promote ceramics via the Mad Potter’s Tea and Christmas Sale. Volunteers make bowls for the North Texas Area Food Bank every year and participate in the Fort Worth city-wide celebration of Mayfest, as well as other community service projects.


Northeast Veterans Association (NEVA)

We are focused on uniting all military personnel including veterans, active duty, reservists and guards. We also welcome family members and friends of veterans. We host social functions and networking opportunities. In addition, we will provide programs related to the needs of veterans and dependents such as information on benefits, and counseling to help with the adjustment to college and life after serving in the military. We will also attempt to continue our service to the community through joint projects with other on campus clubs both academic and social.

Advisor: David Sallee,, 817-515-6565

Organization of Latin American Students - Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (OLAS - TACHE)

Our purpose is to promote the success and overall advancement of all Latinos and students of Spanish descent. Our focus is in the areas of academics, social and cultural awareness. Membership is open to all students.

Advisor: Natalia Verjat,, 817-515-6541

PALS (Self Advocate Group)

We envision a community that respects the diverse needs of all its citizens, and provides unlimited opportunities for personal development, self-worth and leadership skills.

Advisor: Yolanda Bryant,, 817-515-6500

Percussion Club

Open to all TCC students, our club gives students the opportunity to explore multiple areas of percussion; Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, West African, Symphonic, and contemporary applications. Our purpose is to broaden students’ knowledge of the cultural and ethnic diversity of the instruments and rhythms. Our primary goal is to encourage and increase awareness of percussion throughout the TCC student body. We organize and attend events such as concerts, and master classes or other percussion events that promote education. 

Advisor: Warren Dewey,, 817-515-6434

Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Tau Chapter

Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society of the two-year college. Students are invited to join in the fall and spring semesters. Membership eligibility requires that a student is enrolled in credit classes, has completed a minimum of 12 semester hours at TCC, with a 3.5 GPA in the 12 hours preceding invitation, and has an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0.


Ping Pong Club

Our club is for ping pong enthusiasts of all levels. We meet most days in the west lobby of NHPE Building. Whenever you have a break between classes, come play ping pong!

Advisor: Kevin Harper,, 817-515-6621

Pre-Pharmacy Club

Interested in going to Pharmacy school? This new student organization offers an opportunity to do mock PCAT, mock admissions interviews, personal statement essay tips, meet pharmacy school recruiters, learn about the PharmCAS application system, meet a local pharmacist, and participate in community service fundraisers and volunteer activities. Most importantly you will learn about the pharmacy school applications process. You may email to join or log on and enroll there.

Advisor: Jean Maines,, 817-515-6955

Press Club

Our purpose is to promote an interest in journalism and provide opportunities for members to increase their knowledge of journalism and the newspaper process. Meetings will be held in Room 1124 of the Communication Arts Building every Wednesday at 2 p.m.

All students are encouraged to participate in the publications program by submitting letters to the editor ( or news tips to the Student Publications Office on Northeast Campus, NCAB 1124 or The Collegian, Tarrant County College, 828 W. Harwood Road, Hurst, Texas 76054-3299. Students are also invited to call the editorial staff at 817-515-6391 or the advertising staff at 817-515-6323.

Advisor: TBN

Pride Club

Our goal is to provide an alliance between all members of the community by providing an environment of support, encouragement, friendship, and discussion among all peoples, regardless of sexual orientation by building a community based on tolerance and acceptance. We will proactively promote good communication and awareness to empower all the people around us. Membership is open to all students currently enrolled at TCC. Meeting dates and times will vary and be published on the Spectrum Club’s Blackboard Web page.


Psi Beta - National Honor Society in Psychology 

Our mission is to promote professional development of psychology students in two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research and community service.


Psychology Club

Our mission is to enrich students’ knowledge of psychology and its application at TCC NE. We bring together students with an interest in psychology, service, and leadership. One of our goals is to educate the campus and the surrounding community about psychology.


Student Ambassadors

We encourage support and input from outstanding students to reach out to prospective students and to the community. Students selected to serve as ambassadors will represent the College, the campus, and the student body during special campus events, high school outreach, conferences, and other outreach events.

Advisor: Cheryl North,, 817-515-6520

Student American Dental Assistant Association (SADAA)

We promote the profession of dental assisting through monthly industry-related presentations and community outreach opportunities. Students gain a working knowledge of the professional organization at a local, state, and national level. Students must be a member of the American Dental Assistant Association (ADAA) and enrolled in the NE Registered Dental Assistant Program to be a member of this organization.


Student Billiard's Association

We aim to improve skill, knowledge and respect of the game of pool for our students, as well as express courtesy towards all members and nonmembers. Membership eligibility requires that a student is enrolled at least part-time at TCC.


Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygiene Association (SCADHA)

We promote the art and science of the profession of dental hygiene. Students gain a working knowledge of the professional organization at a local, state and national level. Students must be currently enrolled in the NE Dental Hygiene Program to be a member of this organization.

Advisor: Lisa Englehart,, 817-515-6550

Student Earth Advocates

We focus on spreading an understanding of our earth and its environment both within TCC as well as our community. We will provide avenues for earth science education through speakers, field trips as well as community service activities. We will also act as a forum to spread scientific awareness of earth and environmental activities around the community.


Student Government Association (SGA)

We provide the voice for the student body and facilitate changes in policy and practices. In addition to these duties, we also provide leadership to NE Campus and represent the College and student body to the community.

Advisor: Cara Walker,

Student Paralegal Association (SPA)

We provide our members with valuable information relating to the paralegal profession, and assistance in locating volunteer opportunities and networking possibilities. We also foster support, study opportunities, and communication among the members of our organization.


Student Political Awareness

We promote student awareness of current events and social/political issues concerning our society and the world.

Advisor: Cheryl North,, 817-515-6520

Tennis Club

We challenge students to improve their skills in tennis. Students will have the opportunity to participate in tournaments.

Advisor: Tim Sebesta,, 817-515-6959

Ultimate Frisbee Club

We provide a time that all students interested in Ultimate Frisbee can play and learn.

Advisor: Eli Koenn,, 817-515-6581

Volleyball Club

This club is for all players, whether you've never played before or you were team captain in high school. We are all here to have fun and develop as a team. Maybe once we are ready we can think about competing with other schools.

Advisor: Mark Reed,, 817-515-6310 

Updated August 09, 2018