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Northwest Campus Student Organizations

Join a club through myTCC

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on TCC Clubs and Committees in the upper left corner
  3. Click Northwest Campus
  4. Find the organization and hover over the Organization ID
  5. Click on the arrow to the right of the ID and a box will appear
  6. Click Enroll

If you would like to start your own club, contact the Student Activities Office located at WSTU 2811, email Alicia Coleman at or call 817-515-7795.

African American Student Organization

We are dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of African American culture.
Sponsor: Tia Cole,; Talisha Simpson,; Kim Jackson,

Anime Club

We are a group of students dedicated to the appreciation of anime and Japanese Culture.
Sponsor: John Kidd,

Arts Coalition

We provide a forum for students who are interested in art and community service.
Sponsors: Trish Igo,; Raul Montalvo,; Winter Rusiloski, 

Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)

Our primary mission is to address issues facing Latin American college students.
Sponsors: Alex Vargas,; Ramon Mireles,; Hector Montalvo,; Lourdes Davenport, 

Business Professionals of America

Today's students are tomorrow's business professionals. New members are accepted in the fall semester only.
Sponsors: Julie Russell,; Jaye Simpson,

Catholic Club

Join our club if you enjoy fellowship and worship with other Catholics.
Sponsor: Hector Montalvo,

Chemistry Club

Interested in the study of chemistry? Join us!
Sponsor: Luis Reyes Arriaga,

Chess Club

Want to learn and play the game of chess?  Come join us!
Sponsor: Curtis Fukuchi,

Christian Student Ministries: Bridge the Gap

We believe in uniting the body of Christ and worshiping a God that created, loves and redeemed us. We are here to Bridge the gap that is between parts so that we can reach our community and build each other up with the Love of God so that we are doing exactly what the original intent is: Attain oneness in Christ.
Sponsor: James Rhoades,; Angela Chilton,

Creative Writing Club

Our club is for those who love to write short stories, novels, poetry, creative nonfiction, or screenplays.
Sponsor: Liz Lounsbury,

Criminal Justice Club

Our club participates in interesting field trips, hosts knowledgeable guest speakers, participates in meaningful community service projects, and fun social gatherings related to the fields of criminal justice.
Sponsor: Tracy Hearn,

CyberDefenders Club

We support the cyber-security education of Tarrant County College students and Tarrant County, promote career awareness, and encourage creative, competitive efforts to increase the number of workers/graduates in the security workforce.
Sponsor: John Kidd,

D.A.M.A.G.E. Video Game Design

We create and design video games and research different game formats.
Sponsor: Christian Deleon,

Disc Golf Team

We build team camaraderie while learning and practicing the sport of Disc Golf. We also prepare for and compete in Disc Golf Collegiate Championships.
Sponsor: Sarah Matlock,; Joshua Tarbay, 

Electronic Sports

eSports provides a safe environment for both casual and competitive gamers. We're a great club for fun and team building.
Sponsor: Joan Shriver,

Friends Across Cultures Club

Join our club to meet and socialize with students from around the world. We are dedicated to learning new cultures and languages, including English if it is not your first language.
Sponsors: Joel Madore,; Anita Biber,

Horticulture 101

We educate and exchange horticultural ideas, teach and teach out to current and potential horticultural students, and provide students an avenue to pursue their horticultural goals.
Sponsor: David Cole,

Mixed Martial Arts Interest

We are dedicated to learning and sharing the discipline of mixed martial arts.
Sponsors: Ramon Mireles,; Ryan Stewart,

Northwest Ambassadors

We provide on and off campus volunteer opportunities.
Sponsor: Vesta Martinez, 

Northwest Communicators

Our purpose is to increase our communication competence through participation. We plan debate tournaments, speech tournaments and other communication activities.
Sponsors: Ava Jenkins,; Stephen Bailey,

Northwest Dance Company

We are committed to dance and community service.
Sponsor: Amy Jennings,

Northwest Clay Club

We are a club committed to creating clay products.
Sponsor: Raul Montalvo,; Fred Spaulding,

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Our local PTK chapter recognizes the academic achievements of students.
Sponsors: Peter Doas,; Ayanna Jackson-Fowler,; Thomas Sosa,; Stephen Bailey, 

Pi Club (Math)

Want to pursue deeper knowledge in the field of math?  Everyone is welcome, no matter your expertise.
Sponsors: David Puente,; Amanda Whisenant, 

Photography Interest Club for Seniors (PICS)

We are a fun loving group with cameras and hope to improve our picture taking skills.
Sponsor: TBN

Plato's Cave

We hold informal discussions about philosophical themes in movies, literature, music, art, and life.
Sponsor: Paul Frazier,

Pre-Law Club and Moot Court Team

Our goal is to prepare students for law school and promote an awareness of politics.
Sponsor: Julie Lantrip,

Spanish Club

We inform, educate, and promote Spanish language and culture.
Sponsor: Alejandro Garza,; Alicia Zavala Garcia,; Mayra Fuentes, 

Student Government Association

We are a student governing body that represents the interest of the student body. We regularly participate in community service and leadership conferences.
Sponsors: Robert Little,; Sylvia Blake-Larson,

Student Veterans of America

We are a club designed for Veterans and Veteran dependents to share information and support each other.
Sponsors: Monica Hayes,; Mike Esquivel,; Catherine Stevens,; Anna Hinman, 

Table Top Gaming Club

We provide a place for players and game masters to play and test games of the role playing genre.
Sponsor: Joshua Tarbay, 

Tennis Club

Our club is for those who want to improve their tennis skills and cardiovascular fitness.
Sponsors: Patrick Tart,; William Kaing,; Karin Davidson,; April Miske,

Transportation and Logistics Club

The TCL Club gathers together for career networking, including having guest speakers come in and field trips to local businesses to gain knowledge of the diversities in this industry.
Sponsor: Michael Esquivel, 

We Are One: Gay Straight Alliance

We are dedicated to uniting people of varied backgrounds to create an environment of acceptance and diversity.
Sponsors: Paul Benson,; Jay Green,; Aubree Calvin,

Updated October 12, 2017