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South Campus Student Organizations

Join a club through myTCC

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on Organizations in the top blue nagivation menu
  3. Choose South Campus in the right-hand box
  4. Find the organization and hover over the Organization ID
  5. Click on the arrow to the right of the ID and a box will appear
  6. Click Enroll

If you would like to start your own club, contact the Student Activities Office located at SSTU 1101A. Email Ana Garcia at or call 817-515-4045.

African American Student Organization

Our purpose is to create an atmosphere in which all students are assured the opportunity to reach the apex of their academic, social, spiritual, and economic potential.


Amtguard Larping

We strive to provide students a fun way to get fit through live action role-play. We provide opportunities to train and spar in a safe environment.

Advisor: Bill Nix,

Anime Club

We widen the variety of anime genres, and create a place for people to come socialize with other anime fans, make new friends, and educate people on what anime is so they can enjoy a new art style and culture.

Advisor: Shelby Coen, 

Architectural Technology Club

Our mission is to promote excellence in architecture education, training, and practice.

Advisor: Arnold Radman,

Association for Mindfulness and Well-Being

Our purpose is to expose students to mindfulness and contemplative practices with the goal of helping students learn tools for sustaining attention and improving executive functioning.

Advisor: Staussa Ervin,

Association of Construction Management

Our purpose is to expose student members to social, technical, and professional events to broaden their education, career opportunities, and also create a sense of community within the Construction Management program.

Advisor: Orlando Bagcal,

Baptist Student Ministry

We lead students and faculty members toward greater understanding and commitment to Jesus Christ as savior and Lord.

Advisor: Gary Risenhoover,

Beta Psi

Beta Psi is aligned with the Greater Fort Worth Area Negro Business and Professional Women's club is to serve the community, establish productive community partnerships, promote academic achievement, and prepare students for professional opportunities.

Advisor: Natalie Johnson,

Business Club

We want to to improve skills and information regarding entrepreneurship, money management, and leadership in order to make our students well-rounded and prepared for their future.

Advisor: Kay Harold Jackson,

Gaming Club

Our purpose is to build positive, social, interactions and camaraderie among students while allowing them to enjoy a friendly, peaceful, and competitive environment.

Advisor: Amanda Sims,

Global Citizens

Our mission is to guide students, faculty, and staff in becoming active and engaged global citizens. Our primary goals are to raise awareness about issues concerning culture, language, gender, socioeconomics, and other global issues; and to encourage exchange between English Language Learners, international students, and American students, faculty, and staff at TCC and in the surrounding community.

Advisor: Gabrielle Raymond,

Health Professions

Our purpose is to provide opportunities for students to experience a variety of aspects pertaining to medicine, including medial school, pharmacy school, physician assistant school, dental school, and other post-graduate medial training.

Advisor: Martha Gilchrist,

Health Science Club

We are a group of energetic and motivated students pursuing degrees in medical fields, such as nursing, allied-health, and pre-med biology. Additionally, we offer activities on and off campus, such as hospital tours, outreach projects and educational workshops.

Advisor: Paul Luyster,

Kappa Delta Pi

Our purpose is to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching.

Advisor: Shereah Taylor,

Kappa Omicron Tau

We want to interest young men and women in careers in teaching and other related educational careers, and to have the college guidance program become operative early in the life of these young adults.

Advisor: Yolanda Parker,

Kinesiology Student Organization (KSO)

KSO provides educational and leadership opportunities for students currently enrolled in the Associates of Arts in Kinesiology; encourages attendance and interests of students in local, state and national kinesiology; health professionals organization and issues; educates the general public about health and establishes a means to fund and award scholarships to kinesiology students.


Korean Interest Association

We promote and creates awareness of Korean culture such as their food, entertainment, and language.

Advisor: Phong Do,

La Société Francophone

Our organization provides a space to share and explore the French culture and language as well as the opportunity for academic support and peer tutoring in French.

Advisor: Floreen Henry,

Latin American Student Success Organization (LASSO)

Our mission is to build culturally diverse leaders through academic excellence and community involvement.


National Society of Leadership and Success

We help people discover and achieve their goals by offering life-changing lectures from leading presenters. We are a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals can come together to help each other achieve our goals.

Advisor: Jessica Bermejo,

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa provides opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.


Pre-health Professions

We provide opportunities for students to experience a variety of aspects pertaining to medicine, including medical school, pharmacy school, physician assistant school, dental school, and other post-graduate medical training.

Advisor: Martha Gilchrist,

Psi Beta

Our mission is to encourage professional development and psychological literacy of all students at two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.


Psychology Club

Our purpose is to enrich students in psychology and its application. We plan activities designed to stimulate interest, encourage education, and to promote community involvement and enjoyment. Our mission is to encourage professional development and participation in community service with excellence in scholarship and leadership skills.


Sigma Kappa Delta

Sigma Kappa Delta is an English Honor Society made up of faculty and students who share an intellectual curiosity and appreciation for literature, the English language, and fine arts.

Advisor: Matthew Koch,


Our goal is to provide an alliance between all members of the community by providing an environment of support, encouragement, friendship, and discussion among all peoples, regardless of sexual orientation by building a community based on acceptance.


Student Government Association

We promote student activities and student presence on campus working as a liaison between the student population and the administration at TCC South Campus.


Student Songwriters Club

Our purpose is to provide education, training, and development opportunities to support growth in songwriting and song performance skills among the membership. We encourage and facilitate the creation and sharing of new and original music.

Advisor: William Brown,

Student Veterans of America

Our purpose is to further veteran's initiative, as well as support for one another physically, emotionally, and mentally as each of us works towards obtaining a degree in higher education.

Advisor: Valerie Groll,

Victims to Victors

Our mission is to increase knowledge and raise awareness, educate others and understand victims of the various types of abuse and the effect it has on individuals in our community.

Advisor: Angel Carr,

The Writing Club

Our purpose is to support all writers regardless of experience through writing workshops, peer critiques, education on the personal and professional benefits of writing, and the opportunity to network with peers and professionals.

Advisor: Alexa Cevallos,

Updated January 17, 2019