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Southeast Campus Student Organizations

Join a club through myTCC

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on TCC Clubs and Committees in the upper left corner
  3. Click Southeast Campus
  4. Find the organization and hover over the Organization ID
  5. Click on the arrow to the right of the ID and a box will appear
  6. Click Enroll

If you would like to start your own organization or club, contact the Student Activities Office located at ESCT 1201A, email Natalie Gamble at or call 817-515-3075.

African Culture Club (ACC)

Our purpose is to valorize Africa and to educate the campus and community about the continent. Our mission is to share African culture with the world.
Rebekah Pointer-Adderley,, 817-515-3653
Ehi Agboaye,, 817-515-3151

American Chemistry Association

We provide the chance for students of chemical science to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist.

Sponsor: Mo Chehbouni,, 817-515-3374

Art of American Sign Language (AOASL)

Our purpose is to promote the use of American Sign-Language for better communication with the deaf, blind, deaf-blind and hard of hearing and to connect students, faculty, staff and other campus groups who serve to educate the deaf/blind/deaf-blind.
Benita Reed,, 817-515-3413
Kelsey Lange,, 817-515-3589

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

Our purpose is to develop a better understanding of the nature and functions of information technology. We want students to know the vital business role of information technology, the necessity for a professional attitude among information technology professionals, and how to apply the principles underlying the science of information technology.
Sponsor: Charles Desassure,, 817-515-3747

Baptist Student Ministry

Our purpose is to lead students and faculty members toward greater understanding and commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
Sponsor: Benita Reed,, 817-515-3413

Campus Ambassadors

Campus Ambassadors represent Tarrant County College and the Southeast Campus. Ambassadors exemplify leadership, integrity and a strong character. This program is only open to students who have completed eight Student Leadership Academy classes and have been selected to participate.
Courtney Travis,, 817-515-3949
Natalie Gamble,, 817-515-3075

Chess Club

We are dedicated to providing a forum in which chess players, from all skill levels, can share their hobby and interest with each other. We strive to promote an increased knowledge and understanding of the game as an art and as an intellectual sport. Our goal is to provide a fun and relaxed environment that will allow everyone an opportunity to enhance their appreciation of the game.
Bradley Borougerdi,, 817-515-3117
Eric Salas,, 817-515-3408
Michael Vendsel,, 817-515-3160

College Democrats

Our goal is to inspire college students of all ages about the democratic process and to promote the principles of equality, social justice and freedom within a just and strong society.
Hamed Madani,, 817-515-3733
Greg Kosc,, 817-515-3762
Marilyn Murphy,, 817-515-3158

College Republicans

Our organization is an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, designed to increase student awareness of contemporary issues, teach rights, and to encourage leadership and responsibility among college students in the Republican Party.
Chuck Hope,, 817-515-3737
Ehi Agboaye,, 817-515-3151

Cornerstone Honors Program

The TCC SE Cornerstone Honors Program provides opportunities for highly motivated students to become part of an intellectually stimulating community. With our Associate of Arts Cornerstone Honors Degree, a wide range of students can achieve high level of academic excellence and increase their opportunities for scholarships at four-year institutions.
Thelisa Nutt,, 817-515-3499
Kathy Quesenbury,, 817-515-3129

Culinary/Hospitality Student Organization (CHSO)

Our organization offers a broad perspective of the exciting opportunities available for education and employment in all aspect of the culinary and hospitality industries.
Sponsor: Katrina Warner,, 817-515-3609

DC Ambassadors

This organization fosters academic growth specific to the needs of dual credit students. Students will be able to share their unique experiences as they share best practices to complete written requirements for college admission and scholarship applications. They will also gain confidence when writing across disciplines.
Brian Tatum,, 817-515-3480
Jamie Lail,

Dead Artists Society 

The Dead Artists Society is a club for fans of art history. During our meetings we like to talk about art and art history and we plan visits to lots of art museums and galleries. We’re a friendly, informal group, and we welcome new members!
Sponsor: Kristina Elizondo,, 817-515-3206

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)

DECA prepares TCC students at Southeast Campus to become future business professionals/entrepreneurs in management, leadership and marketing through varied opportunities with local businesses. We help students with individual growth and development through service and through the exchange of ideas and ideals. 
Sponsor: Robert (Bob) McKizzie,, 817-515-3583

Empowering Latinas to Lead Achieve Succeed (ELLAS)

Academic support and leadership program for Latina students at Tarrant County College Southeast Campus.
Sponsor: Kiesha Baker,, 817-515-3215

Environmental Science & Engineering Club

Our purpose is to encourage engineering students to research ways to preserve and protect the environment through engineering, along with creative ways to inspire and inform students in science and global engineering issues.
Sponsor: Adekunle Onabajo,, 817-515-3106


The ESOL Club will provide an opportunity to practice English skills, build relationships with the community, and develop self-advocacy and leadership skills for English language learners.
Mary Cinatl,, 817-515-3147
Gabrielle Johnson,, 817-515-3400

First Choice Student Organization (FCSO) 

Our purpose and mission is to provide human awareness of persons with special needs through positive and progressive communication; develop and strengthen confidence within the special needs students; develop a positive attitude of participation with campus events; and bring positive awareness on and off campus of special needs students.
Sponsor: Nita Haliburton,, 817-515-3115

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Our club facilitates awareness and acceptance of the diversity of students, bringing together gay students and their straight allies to raise awareness of issues impacting the gay community.
Carol White,, 817-515-3627
Marilyn Murphy,, 817-515-3158

Health Occupations Only

Our organization is designed to enlighten students who have majored in the sciences about the different and various careers in science that students can pursue.
Bethanye Morgan,, 817-515-3346
Quophyyarn Tinner,, 817-515-3365
Michele Espinoza-Sauceda,, 817-515-3362

Hip Hop

The purpose of this club is to expose different aspects of Hip-Hop culture ranging from fashion, art, and music through a social environment, all while assisting and possibly creating a platform for artists to display their talents.
April Lee,, 817-515-3751
Terrell Shaw,, 817-515-3382

The Historical Underground

Our mission is to promote interest and awareness of history through the use of historical films, lectures, outings and other events.
Bradley Borougerdi,, 817-515-3117
Eric Salas,, 817-515-3408
Greg Kosc,, 817-515-3762
Joel Tovanche,, 817-515-3021

International Student Organization (ISO)

Our goal is to promote friendship among international students by sponsoring social and cultural activities and to assist the diverse Arlington community.
Elizabeth Joseph,, 817-515-3384
Melody Fowler,, 817-515-3144
Ashley Alfaro,, 817-515-3772


Intramurals provides opportunities for students to participate in inter-campus competitive sports.
Sponsor: Shahzad Nazir,, 817-515-3170

Invisible Children

We raise awareness of the problems of children in Uganda and in other countries in need, and provide funds for their education.
Sponsor: Garrison Henderson,, 817-515-3763

Learning Differently

We are an education-based organization that strives to better educate the general public about people with different forms of learning disabilities.
Sponsor: Niki Lang,, 817-515-3588

Math Club

Our purpose is to promote a better learning atmosphere through the math program and to create a sense of community within our organization.
Sponsors: Nena Kabranski,, 817-515-3350; Carol White,, 817-515-3627

Mu Alpha Theta–Mathemathics Honor Society

The Honors Mu Alpha Theta Math Society of SE Campus at Tarrant County College is dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in Tarrant County College, Southeast Campus students. The Mu Alpha Theta of Tarrant County College, Southeast Campus is established for the purpose of fostering a greater understanding of mathematics, encouraging undergraduate activity in math research and related mathematical experiences, and providing a social and intellectual forum to qualified students interested in experiencing math.
Sponsor: Nena Kabranski,, 817-515-3350

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

We promote Muslim unity and culture by means of enlightenment.
Sponsor: Hamed Madani,, 817-515-3733

National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)

We want to bring well-deserved recognition, scholarship and career opportunities to students who excel in one of the career and technical educational fields as their profession.
Sherry Sipho,, 817-515-3336
Jeneen Smith,, 817-515-3614
Gracie Williams,, 817-515-3340

Organization of Latin Americans (OLA)

We encourage students to present and preserve the identity, values, history, and cultures of Latin America.
Sponsors: Maria Delgado,, 817-515-3028

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

This chapter of the international honor society recognizes and encourages scholarship among students, while providing an opportunity for the development of leadership and service and an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals.
Jerry Coats,, 817-515-3724
Sarah Duesman,, 817-515-3625
JoTisa Klemm,, 817-515-3081

Philosophy Club

The purpose of the philosophy club is to provide a forum in which students can have informal discussions about classic and contemporary philosophical questions. To facilitate such discussions, club activities will include guest speakers, recorded debates, films, book discussions, etc.
Justin Grace,, 817-515-3478
Michael Vendsel,, 817-515-3160

Photography Club

Our purpose is to promote excellence in photography and to foster an appreciation of the role of photography in art and in the broader culture. 
Sponsor: Geoffrey Saari,, 817-515-3347

Poetry Club

Our mission is to promote excellence in the literary arts, foster an appreciation of the humanities, enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration, and organize students and their efforts to advance the production of literary art.
Sponsor: Geoffrey Saari,, 817-515-3347

Psychology Club

Our mission is to nurture intellectual growth and interest in the fields of sociology and psychology for students.
Jose Velarde,, 817-515-3114
Doreen Hernandez,, 817-515-3193

Sociology Club

This club is provides members ways of connecting sociology to current events by showing a series of documentaries and discussing applicable books related to subject matter.
Sponsor: John Malek-Ahmadi,, 817-515-3743

Southeast Volleyball Club

Our purpose is to unite students with a shared interest in the sport of volleyball. Students will take part in playing regularly to build skill, and most of all, have fun.
Sponsor: Shahzad Nazir,, 817-515-3170

Speak Up!

We provide a platform for students to improve their abilities and grow a general sense of confidence in regard to public speaking.
Sponsor: Rebekah Pointer-Adderley,, 817-515-3653

Student Dietetic Organization (SDO)

We are an advocate of the dietetic technician program, serving the students and their community through the promotion of optimal nutrition, health, and well-being.
Sponsor: Christina Liew-Newville,, 817-515-3187; Monica Escobar,, 817-515-3629

Student Government Association (SGA)

Our purpose is to give the student body a voice and provide opportunities for student leadership; serve as a model for student self-direction and personal responsibility; build campus identity and pride; coordinate social activities; coordinate community service projects; and coordinate education, career or political speakers to speak to the student body.
Sponsors: Frankie Ward,, 817-515-3124; Jessica Rogers,, 817-515-3079

Student Leadership Academy (SLA)

Our goal is to help students develop skills which will support them in their role as campus leaders and prove useful as they transition to four-year institutions and into the workforce. Leadership training opportunities are available through leadership classes and their related labs. Students who participate receive continuing education credit for each class completed.
Sponsor: Natalie Gamble,, 817-515-3595

The Democracy Commitment (TDC)

A healthy democracy depends on engaged citizens who are proud of their rights, thoughtful about their responsibilities, and informed about their choices. TDC on SE Campus seeks to educate and empower students to be committed, civically engaged, and socially responsible members of their communities. Members will have the opportunity to participate in activities that will impact their community whether it is the SE campus, their city or their neighborhood.
Sponsor: Sharon Wettengel,, 817-515-3287

TCC Accounting Society

Our purpose is to unite and support students interested in the accounting profession, provide networking with local professionals, prepare students for success in the workplace, and inform them about career choices and community opportunities.
Sponsor: Karen Haun,, 817-515-3320

TCC Christian Students

Our organization provides students with a forum for discussion of the Holy Bible and fellowship in Christ, thus helping them to find guidance and strengthen their faith.
Edmund Tamakloe,, 817-515-3081
Byzar Williams,, 817-515-3666

TCC Football Club (TCC FC)

Our purpose is to provide students the opportunity to enhance their soccer skills in a positive and supportive environment, by providing team members with instruction in individual fitness, training techniques and tactical awareness. Achieving personal satisfaction and building lasting relationships are also top priorities. Committed student athletes will have the opportunity to try-out and potentially compete against other schools and in regional tournaments.
Sponsor: Jose Velarde,, 817-515-3114

TCC SE Music Club

We use music to provide common ground among students. Time is spent listening to, discussing, and creating music of various types and styles. There is also a focus on helping the community.
Sponsor: Gregory Dewhirst,, 817-515-3718

Veterans Association

We encourage the pursuit of higher education for all who have served honorably in the armed forces.
Frances Suarez,, 817-515-3302
Lee Cowan,, 817-515-3159

Updated February 12, 2018