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Southeast Campus Gallery

The Art Corridors Galleries

guests mingling and looking at artworks during an opening for an exhibit at the Art Corridors GalleriesThe Art Corridors Galleries at Southeast Campus are dedicated to presenting relevant and engaging exhibitions by established and emerging artists, curators, designers, and other creators.

The exhibition spaces also offer opportunities for faculty and students to explore, innovate, and exhibit their own artwork. 

Special Notice

Because our campus is currently closed, all the Art Corridors Galleries exhibitions will be online.

Spring 2021 Online Exhibits

Student Exhibit

Our students created artwork across a range of media, including:

  • Pencil
  • Charcoal
  • Acrylic paint
  • Collage
  • Ink
Congratulations to the winners!

Three winners were chosen from an excellent display of student talent:

  • Best of Show: "Ghostly Heirlooms," artist: Hope Rohlin
  • 1st Place: "The Triskelion," artist: Derian Leonardo 
  • 2nd Place: "Red Lunar Moon," artist: Tram Le

Visit the exhibit and enjoy our students' creativity!

Faculty Exhibit

Traveling Book: Pandemic Collaboration

Our books have been traveling all semester!

Visit the Exhibit

Catch up with all 3 versions of the Traveling Books.


In this era defined by COVID-19, we have experienced unprecedented physical separation due to social distancing, masks, and shields. As a result, truly personal physical objects fashioned by the hands of artists become much more meaningful and important.  

Our artists are inspired to use the form and format of the book to join one another in the creation of humanly tangible works of art—to offer as counterbalances to this time of radical disconnection.

Ever Evolving Exhibit

Throughout the course of the project, we will document our processes. The images and explanatory statements will be posted together in the online exhibition space.



The Art Corridor Galleries

Penelope Bisbee, Instructional Assistant and Gallery Coordinator

Updated April 27, 2021