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The Art Corridors Galleries

guests mingling and looking at artworks during an opening for an exhibit at the Art Corridors GalleriesThe Art Corridors Galleries at Southeast Campus are dedicated to presenting relevant and engaging exhibitions by established and emerging artists, curators, designers, and other creators.

The exhibition spaces also offer opportunities for faculty and students to explore, innovate, and exhibit their own artwork.

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Portraiture: Image and Identity

This is a group show featuring these artists:

"The Space Between," photo by Angilee Wilkerson

  • Arthur Fields
  • Loli Kantor
  • Nathan Madrid
  • Yasuyo Maruyama
  • Lupita Murillo Tinnen
  • Devon Nowlin
  • Angilee Wilkerson

Exhibit Details

  • Dates: March 28–May 6
  • Place: Art Corridor II
  • Opening Reception:
    • Date: Thursday, March 31
    • Time: 2–4 p.m.

About the Exhibit

The Southeast Campus Art Corridor Gallery and co-curators Leah Gose and Penelope Bisbee are proud to present Portraiture: Image and Identity.

This is a group exhibition of photographers and painters who explore portraiture using either the lens or the brush. Each artist explores the concept of portraiture in ways that are rooted in the history of figuration, and then each artist moves beyond those traditional approaches to reflect on and embrace the importance of identity in contemporary society. 


Student Exhibition and Arbor Day Graphics and Ceramics Competition

Exhibit Details

  • Dates: April 4–May 5
  • Place: Art Corridor I
  • Opening Reception:
    • Date: Thursday, April 7
    • Time: 2–4 p.m.


Black is Black: Invitational

This is a group show featuring these artists:

  • Jeremy Biggers
  • Sanah Brown-Bowers
  • Missy Burton
  • Inyang Essien
  • Spencer Evans
  • Aimee Everett
  • Jarrad Hamilton
  • Nitashia Johnson
  • Sam Lao
  • JD Moore
  • Dawn Okoro
  • Marcello Pope
  • Abi Salami
  • John Spriggins
  • Desiree Vaniecia
  • Constance Y. White

Our guest curator: John Spriggins, artist and South Dallas Cultural Center General Manager

Exhibit Details

  • Dates: January 24–March 4 
  • Closing Reception:
    • Date: Wednesday, March 2
    • Time: 5–7 p.m.
  • Curator Talk:
    • Date: Wednesday, March 2
    • Time: 5:30–6 p.m.

Curator Statement by John Spriggins : About the Exhibition

“Black is Black”: Invitational I took this quote from a line spoken by the hip hop artist Q-Tip from the Da La Soul song “Me, Myself, and I.” The statement is simple but loaded with meaning. The idea is that regardless of what walk of life we lead or derive from as Black people, we are ALL Black.

Moreover, I have heard with great frequency recently that being Black is not a “monolith.” I think this is at the heart of what Q-Tip was trying to say. Black Americans continue to be viewed as singular in mind, spirit, and culture. The fact is that there are cultural norms in the Black community just as in any other culture. However, the stigma of the “monolith” has prevailed both internally and externally.

What I am attempting to question and present is the fact that Black people in America’s experiences and interests are as varied as any other culture and have been for more than a century of us becoming a part of the fabric of this nation.


Design and Painting Students Exhibition

  • Dates: February 14–March 11
  • Place: Art Corridor III


Past Exhibitions 

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The Art Corridor Galleries

Penelope Bisbee, Instructional Assistant & Gallery Coordinator

Updated March 24, 2022