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Trinity River Campus Gallery

The East Fork Gallery

Visitors to an exhibit in the East Fork GalleryThe East Fork Gallery at the Trinity River Campus is dedicated to presenting relevant and engaging exhibitions by established and emerging artists, curators, designers, and other creators.

The exhibition space also offers opportunities for faculty and students to explore, innovate, and exhibit their own artwork.

Fall 2021 Exhibits

Ramon G. Deanda, South of Paradise, North of Hell

  • Dates: August 2–October 10
  • Opening Reception: September 11 from 6–9 p.m. (part of FWADA's 2021 Fall Gallery Night)
  • Visit the virtual exhibit: South of Paradise, North of Hell

Artist Talks

  • East Fork Gallery: September 9 at 1 p.m.
  • Rose Marine Theater: September 10 at 7 p.m. This talk is in partnership with Artes de la Rosa Fort Worth Cultural Center for the Arts.

Artist Statement by Ramon G. Deanda

Artwork Rumbo Al Paraiso

Imagine, if you will, standing amid a place engulfed by nonsense and chaos. Absurdity reigns here, common sense has long gone from this place; it is an alternative world engulfed with alternative facts. The noise, the craziness is protected by inconspicuousness, either everyone decides to ignore this or there is no interest in seeking the true truth, not alternative truths. These creatures are caught in a place that they do not comprehend. They exist somewhere just South of Paradise and just North of Hell. It may sound familiar, or maybe not. But mentally, these creatures, have trapped themselves to social psychosis.

South of Paradise captures the absurdity, the foolishness that contemporary society has been stirred by all that nonsense. In these prints, my intention is to depict moments, or ideas that are relatable to anyone from anywhere by using ranch creatures as human metaphoric characters. Narcissism, corruption, deception, gluttony, egocentrism and isolation are a few distinctive features that have inundated today's human society and I evoke in this work. These animals are confined to the ranch, caught in an imaginary boundary that does not let them escape their own madness. What I can conclude from all this, is that the imminent danger for all in this planet is not building physical walls but constructing mental boundaries.

Faculty and Staff Art Exhibit

  • Dates: October 23–December 4

About the Exhibit

What better way to get to know Trinity River faculty and staff than to peruse the art they create? This multimedia art exhibit will feature your favorite art professors as well as some hidden talents across the campus. Check back for more information soon!

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