South Campus Intramurals

Why have an intramural sports program on South Campus?

Our purpose is to provide exercise, recreation and fun to our participants in a relaxed yet structured environment.

Intramural sports enhance your academic experience by promoting and reinforcing:

  • Teamwork and personal accomplishment
  • Mutual respect and integrity
  • Competition and recreation
  • Skill and exercise

Everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their abilities. A win-at-all-cost attitude is inappropriate and is strongly discouraged.

The genuine value of intramural sports comes from playingnot from winning.

How can I participate?

Any current TCC South Campus student or employee is eligible to participate in intramural events. To participate, you must:

To participate, you must:

  • Bring your TCC ID with you to each intramural event
  • Sign the TCC participant waiver
  • Check-in with intramural staff at each event


  • Each team captain is responsible for the complete eligibility of all team participants.
  • Each participant is responsible for verifying his or her eligibility.


No participation fees required.

What types of intramural events does South Campus Offer?

Our goal is to provide a variety of wellness opportunities to the campus community, so our events calendar is subject to change each semester.

Some of our events may include:

  • Sport tournaments such as basketball, volleyball, flag football, soccer, etc.
  • Creative wellness initiatives such as art, music, dance, etc.
  • Interactive competitions such as obstacle courses, video game tournaments, trivia, etc.
  • Monthly wellness activities such as nutritional cooking demos, fitness classes, yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Leisure recreation such as a board game parties, mystery parties, stress relief activities, etc.
  • Community running/walking events

When and where?

You can find more information about South Campus’s current intramural events by:

  • Visiting the Intramural Events board in the SHPE
  • Visiting the Office of Student Activities in SSTU 1101A


Student Activities Office
SSTU 1101A

Updated January 20, 2023