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Leadership Opportunities

Become a leader in your community by joining one of our Student Activities-sponsored leadership programs. You can also learn more about our Districtwide program, Men of Color Mentoring.

Northwest Campus

Northwest Campus offers many opportunities for leadership, volunteerism and individual growth.

Peer Leader

A great opportunity for you to guide incoming freshmen during their first year experience. Peer leaders serve as co-facilitators for New Student Orientation and participate in campus tours, group discussions and other events throughout the semester.

Contact: Rachael McCloskey,

Student Leadership Academy

The Student Leadership Academy helps you develop skills for leadership roles, and transitioning to four-year institutions and into the work force. You earn Community and Industry Education (CIE) credit and receive a certificate for completing the program.

Contact: Rachael McCloskey,

Student Advisory Council

Make changes on our campus and stay involved. The Student Advisory Council is an opportunity for you to participate in focus groups and meetings related to policies, programs and services on TCC Northwest Campus.

Contact: Vivian Trevino,

Northwest Ambassadors

This is a great opportunity to start making a difference in your community. Northwest Ambassadors is a great program if you're interested in volunteer activities on Northwest Campus throughout the year.

Contact: Vivian Trevino,

Southeast Campus

Student Leadership Academy

The Student Leadership Academy is open to all students who want to grow as leaders on campus and in the community. Passionate faculty and experienced staff volunteer to teach topics on leadership, self-awareness, time and money management, etiquette, public speaking, leadership and service, and more.  

The program is flexible and schedule-friendly—you may take one or all the classes each semester. You’ll receive Community and Industry Education (CIE) credit for each class. A special graduation lunch and certificate is provided each semester for students that complete program requirements.

Contact: Natalie Gamble,

Leadership Enrichment

The Leadership Enrichment program is year-two of the Student Leadership Academy. You can continue your development after graduating from the Student Leadership Academy. Year-two Leadership Enrichment classes offer a deeper understanding of leadership issues and qualities. You’ll receive Community and Industry Education (CIE) credit for each class. 

Contact: Natalie Gamble,

Campus Ambassadors

Upon completion of two semesters in the Student Leadership Academy, you're invited to apply to become a Campus Ambassador. Once selected, you participate in a pinning ceremony and receive a special blazer to wear at campus and community functions. You are the face of TCC Southeast and will work alongside the president of the campus. You have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your peers and the Early College High School students you mentor.

Contact: Amy Staley,

Trinity River Campus


The All-Stars are a leadership learning community of students who attend weekly workshops to develop foundational leadership skills such as public speaking, organization, time management, goal setting and team work.

You'll receive Community and Industry Education (CIE) credit, and a leadership certificate upon completion of the program.

Applications for 2017-2018 are available now.

Contact: Edward Brassart,

Executive Class

The Executive Class focuses on learning how to lead in a corporate environment with business planning skills and an understanding of corporate culture. This program engages you with community members and leaders in an effort to expand social networks and give you the opportunity to interact with professionals in a variety of fields. You'll receive Community and Industry Education (CIE) credit, and a leadership certificate at the completion of the program.

Applications for 2017-2018 are available now.

Contact: Edward

P3: Power of the Peer

Pride, Purpose, Possibilities, P3 Student Leaders facilitate intentional and meaningful peer-to-peer support through new student orientation.

As a P3 Student Leader, you will develop a diverse skill set to provide the best peer service possible to Trinity River Campus students. You will receive a leadership transcript to be included in your transfer application and/or portfolio, and a leadership certificate upon completion of the program.

Applications for the 2018-2019 academic year will be available in February 2018.

Contact: Edward

Updated July 12, 2017