Title IX Data Reports

Effective January 1, 2020, Texas Education Code, Section 51.253(c) requires a higher education institution's Chief Executive Officer to submit a data report at least once during each fall or spring semester to the institution's governing body and to post on the institution's internet website.

The report must include:

  • The number of reports received under Texas Education Code, Section 51.252 that constitutes "sexual harassment," "sexual assault," "dating violence," or "stalking";
  • The number of investigations conducted as a result of those reports;
  • Disciplinary processes arising from those reports (if any);
  • The number of those reports for which the institution determined not to initiate a disciplinary process, if any; and
  • Any disciplinary actions taken under Texas Education Code, Section 51.255.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Annual Reports

Updated October 13, 2023