Each TCC campus has a CARE Team, a dedicated group of faculty and staff who provide consultation and support for students in distress.

CARE Team functions include Consultation, Assessment, Resources and Education.

  • Consultation—Assess concerns regarding the safety and well-being of students by drawing upon professional experience within the campus community.
  • Assessment—Determine referred student's need for emotional, psychological, or physical support and refer to appropriate resources.
  • Resources—Identify campus and community resources for students.
  • Education—Provide professional development and training opportunities for faculty and staff. Promote proactive workshops for students such as stress management and conflict resolution.

Each campus CARE Team is made up of a cross section of the campus community including Academic Affairs, Advising and Counseling, Student Accessibility Resources, Campus Police, Student Conduct and Title IX, and Student Life.

The CARE Team meets weekly to discuss referrals from concerned faculty, staff and students, and provides information regarding both campus and community resources to help troubled students reach their educational goals.

Why would I need to contact my campus CARE Team?

If you're concerned about a student, and you believe this person's behavior may present a threat to themselves, the campus, or the surrounding community, you should make a referral to your campus CARE Team.

How do I get in touch with my campus CARE Team?

CARE Team services are available remotely.

To make a referral, complete the online Incident Reporting Form. (Link will open in a new window)

Contact Information

Northeast Campus

Tayren Thomas
Director of Student Conduct and Prevention Education

Northwest Campus

Leon Minor
Director of Student Conduct and Prevention Education

South Campus

Belinda Lopez
Director of Student Conduct and Prevention Education

Southeast Campus

Kecia Baker-Morris
Director of Student Conduct and Prevention Education

Trinity River & TCC Connect Campuses

Melissa Sanders, Ph.D. 
Director of Student Conduct and Prevention Education

Updated January 20, 2023