Support Services

Sometimes you need support that's more than just academic. Our campus support services offer help that extends beyond the classroom to make sure you succeed in your life both inside and outside of TCC.

  • CARE Team: Contact your campus CARE Team if you have concerns about a student, and think they may present a threat to themselves, the campus or the community.
  • Career Services: Receive help perfecting your job search skills and in finding work on and off-campus.
  • Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP): Apply for access to certified, high-quality child care facilities if you're an eligible student-parent.
  • Counseling: Meet with one of our campus counselors for help with personal and career concerns.
  • Emergency Assistance Fund: The Student Emergency Assistance Fund provides financial assistance if you're unable to meet basic needs due to an emergency. 
  • Food Pantries: Access food pantry services if you are experiencing hunger or food insecurity.
  • Foster Care Alumni Transition: Connect with our campus champions to navigate through college if you're an alumni of the Texas foster care system.
  • Health Services: Visit your campus Health Services to learn how to stay healthy during your college career.
  • Information Center: Contact our Information Center to speak to a TCC information assistant who can help you with your questions about TCC.
  • Intercultural Network: Join a network which encourages intercultural awareness, inclusiveness and academic achievement on and off campus.
  • Stay the Course®: Sign up for this free program that offers one-on-one guidance and financial assistance to eligible students working to finish their degree.
  • Student Accessibility Resources: Register with Student Accessibility Resources (SAR) if you have a disability and need additional on-campus support.
  • Student Empowerment Center (SEC): Get help finding financial, food, health, housing, legal, and transportation resources to support your basic needs while finishing your education.
  • Tech Support: Contact Tech 24/7 for help with all your technical issues.

Updated February 06, 2024