Career Resources

The Internet has a wealth of information regarding career information. Here is a list of websites to help you get started with your career exploration process. All links will open in a new window.

CareerOneStop is a website sponsored by U.S. Department of Labor that provides resources to find training resources and job searches that match your interests.

Get tips for achieving your career goals and finding success with LiveCareer. Goals help us establish what is important and provides direction in your life. Establishing career goals can help you focus your energy on what you want to accomplish. Take time to define and determine your career goals. Set short and long-term goals to help you achieve your career endeavors. Put your plan into action and continue to move forward.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
The Occupational Outlook Handbook is an excellent resource to gain career information. It will provide you with reports on many careers with accurate information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

O*NET (Occupational Information Network)
The O*NET is an up-to-date occupational database with descriptions and skill sets for specific occupations. O*NET information helps workers evaluate what skills are needed in their current occupations, how existing skills may transfer to other occupations and what new skills will be required to make the transition to a new occupation.
This site can provide you with occupational descriptions and salary information for careers. Salary information can be focused down to your specific zip code!

Texas OnCourse
Explore your interests, careers, programs and schools. If you don't know your career interests, you can take a survey to help you identify your interests. 

University Headquarters
University Headquarters is an industry-leading, independent educational organization. They have compiled this free resource of a comprehensive set of information for students who wish to pursue a higher education. They are your all-in-one source for information on colleges, entrance requirements, and career paths. They provide career guides that will help you navigate all of the requirements to gain entry to programs, become certified, or move up the career ladder in your chosen field. 

Updated April 17, 2023