Content Guidelines

This guide helps us create easy-to-read content that helps our visitors:

  • Find the information they seek
  • Understand the information easily
  • Use the information to meet their needs

We follow the Associated Press (AP) Style Guide. Our modifications and College-specific practices are listed our TCC Web Style Guide.

About Our TCC Web Style Guide

Use this guide as a reference when you have a question about the content you are writing, particularly if you cannot find the answer in the AP Style Guide.

For example:

  • When do I use TCC, and when do I use TCCD?
  • Do I capitalize the word chancellor?
  • How do I format contacts at the bottom of our Web pages?

We developed this guide to help everyone who creates TCC Web content be consistent in format, style, and voice.

Writing Style Guides

Updated January 20, 2023