Object Dictionary


Images enhance or support the content, and should not be used for decorative purposes or in place of content.  Avoid using stock photos, clipart, or anything else that is unnecessary to understanding the content on the page. 

All submitted photos should:

  • Be professional quality,
  • Include permission to be used from the persons featured in them,
  • Include alt tags, or a summary describing the scene of the photo and any people featured in it.

If there is a request for multiple photos to be added to the page, the content team will review the images to determine which images will be used and if there is a case for creating a Flickr album for any additional ones.

Images will not be placed in the left-hand margin of the content, since this breaks the reader’s concentration and forces them to readjust and lose their attention.

Media Blocks


Video/Audio Embed

Video Embed Example:

?rel=0 is added to the end of the URL within the src to remove suggested videos from YouTube when the video finishes. For examples: http://www.youtube.com/embed/O0uLNgN-sqY?rel=0 ensures no suggested or related videos will display when the video finishes.

YouTube video requests are posted to one of two channels: The official communications channel for TCC, or the internal YouTube channel for faculty and staff. To submit a YouTube video, you must:

  • Include a transcript to keep the video accessible.
  • Provide a video name/title that is descriptive and concise

Videos will only be embedded on a page if they are informational and help reinforce page content. The Web Communications team reserves the right to determine if a video will help reinforce the page’s existing content.

Helpful guidelines when creating a video:

  • The video should contain content that is also available on the page itself, since videos limit access to information for people who cannot see or hear the content
  • Start your video strong and to the point; the longer the video, the less people are likely to watch it in its entirety. Successful videos are usually only about a minute long.
  • Use people. People connect with people. Videos containing only PowerPoint will not be posted.

For more information on creating videos for web, please read one of the following articles:

Updated January 20, 2023