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Tune-in to our video series, Data's Anatomy, featuring Dan and Daphne, the data interns. Our dynamic data duo will help clarify important data terminology and calculations. In addition, Dan and Daphne will provide refresher tips on easily confused data concepts.

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Data's Anatomy Season 1

Episode 1: Focusing on FTIC

Provides definitions for TCCD's first time in college cohorts.

Episode 2: Wrapping Your Head 'Round Retention

Summarizes the cohort, calculation and data regarding retention measures.

Episode 3: Examining Enrollment Counts

Explains the differences between student headcount and course enrollments.

Episode 4: Considering Course Completion

Defines successful course completion and briefly shows historical course completion data.

Data's Anatomy Season 2

Episode 1: Pondering Percent of a Percent

Demonstrates how to calculate a percent of a percent through real-world and educational examples.

Episode 2: Puzzling Over Populations and Samples

Explains the difference between populations and samples and includes their use in research contexts.

Episode 3: Studying Statistical Significance

Highlights the importance of practical significance over statistical significance.

Episode 4: Persevering Past Probation!

Provides definitions for probation and other student standings at TCCD.

Episode 5: Gearing up for Graduates

Describes the differences between graduates and degrees/certificates awarded at TCCD.

Data's Anatomy Season 3

Episode 1: Comprehending College Cohorts

Emphasizes the importance of defining a trackable group of students with a common starting point.

Episode 2: Covering Community and Industry Education

Introduces CIE and the differences between UG and CIE terminology and structure.

Episode 3: Reflecting on Research

Explains the procedural and scientific foundation of the research process.

Episode 4: Evaluating Effectiveness

Illustrates the difficulty of measuring the effectiveness of specific interventions among many.

Data's Anatomy Season 4

Episode 1: Confusin' Correlation with Causation

Emphasizes the meaning of correlation and details reasons why two variables might be associated.

Episode 2: Summarizing State Reporting

Provides an overview of state-mandated reporting and funding sources.

Episode 3: Showcasing STEM

Highlights the various STEM fields.

Episode 4: Deciphering Dual Credit and Early College High School

Explains the difference between dual credit and early high school students.

Data's Anatomy Season 5

Episode 1: Surveying Successfully

Highlights recommended practices for designing effective surveys.

Episode 2: Picturin' Predictive Modeling

Demonstrates how to use predictive modeling in practice, through real-world and educational examples.

Episode 3: Exploring Early College High Schools

Introduces the history, locations, and impact of the many Early College High Schools at TCCD.

Episode 4: Introducing the IRB

Provides a background of the IRB and its role at TCCD.

Data's Anatomy Season 6

Episode 1: Talkin' About TSI Testing

Illustrates how course placement in determined using the TSI assessment and how college-ready is defined.

Episode 2: Gallopin' Through Guided Pathways

Introduces the practices and benefits of Guided Pathways at Tarrant County College.

Episode 3: Valuin' Veterans

Provides a background of the different opportunities that Veterans and Military Connected students are provided.

Episode 4: Expandin' Upon External Data Sources

Introduces the uses and benefits of the various external data sources for research and for TCC.

Episode 5: Investigatin' Inconsistent Definitions

Gives insight into why and how different definitions for IR terms exist, and what these definitions mean for research.

Data's Anatomy Season 7

Episode 1: Developing Dashboards

Showcases the variety of dashboards housed on the Institutional Research website and how to use them for quick data and research.

Episode 2: Creating Co-Reqs

Distinguishes the differences between the sequential and the co-requisite model for developmental education.

Episode 3: Figuring Formula Funding

Elaborates on Texas' formula funding for Higher Education Institutions.

Episode 4: Highlighting TCC's History

Takes a journey through TCC’s past, paying tribute to key moments through data.

Dataline: A Refresher Report

Review basic data concepts commonly encountered in these brief videos.


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Updated January 20, 2023