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IR Executive Summaries

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  • Onboarding SurveyListen: A survey administered to applicants for 2020FL provided insights on their perspectives and experiences with the on-boarding process.
  • Digital Readiness SurveyListen: A survey administered to students and faculty between March 18, 2020, and March 22, 2020, as a response to COVID-19 to gauge digital needs and readiness for the transition to online-only.
  • Modality of Course DeliveryListen: A survey administered in 2020FL in preparation for creating a schedule after the COVID-19 pandemic where limitations on modality of course delivery are removed.
  • Learning Symposium 2021Listen: This report provides findings from the 2021 learning symposium—Bridging the Distance.
  • Work-based LearningListen: This report outlines faculty perceptions of the primary benefits of, the faculty role in establishing, and the desired professional development for work-based learning initiatives.
  • Paying for TCCListen: Through a survey administered in 2021SP, students provided feedback regarding how they learned about the cost of education and the methods they used to pay for their courses. In addition, they assessed the current payment process and offered recommendations for improvement.
  • Goals While at TCCDListen: Through a survey administered in May 2021, students provided feedback about their intentions, goals, and needs while attending TCCD.


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Updated July 29, 2021