Degree Plans

Having a specific TCC degree plan allows you to view your progress to completion. In some cases, to receive financial aid or veterans benefits, you must have a specific degree program declared.

If you did not declare a degree plan on the admissions application, you should schedule an appointment with a career advisor to discuss a degree plan and course selections.

Before You Change Your Degree Plan

If you want to change your degree plan, we recommend first meeting with a career advisor and financial aid to see how this could impact your timeline and potential financial aid.

Frequently Asked Questions About Degree Plans

How do I view my degree plan?

Your degree plan and the courses you need to complete your program are available in the Student Planning area of MyTCCTrack.

To find your degree plan,

  1. Log in to MyTCCTrack
  2. Click Student Planning
  3. Select Step 1: Go to My Progress and View Program Requirements

How do I know what classes I still need for my degree?

When viewing your progress in Student Planning, the page will show you the status of courses required to complete your degree. This is important so that you do not take classes that do not work towards your goal and helps ensure financial aid will cover the cost of your course.

A course's status is listed as one of the following:

  • Not Started: This course is required but you haven't taken it or your advisor hasn't added it to a future semester plan.
  • Planned: This course has been selected by your career advisor for completion during an upcoming semester. A course is usually marked as Planned after you've had a meeting with your career advisor.
  • Completed: You've already completed these courses and have satisfied this requirement for your degree.

What is the difference between My Progress and Plan & Schedule?

When you're in the Student Planning area of MyTCCTrack, there are two options:

  • Prepare to Register (My Progress)
  • View Your Planned Courses (Plan & Schedule)

My Progress lets you see the courses that you have taken or need to take based on your degree plan. Use this area to find what you have left in your degree plan so you can plan for upcoming semesters.

Plan & Schedule lets you visually see two key areas:

  • Schedule: This calendar-like feature shows you how your semester class schedule will look based on the courses you've selected (even if you haven't officially enrolled in them yet). Unsynchronized classes (classes listed as arranged in the course list) will show at the end of the daily schedule since they don't have a weekly scheduled date or time.
  • Timeline: Use this feature for a long-term semester overview of classes you've selected (though haven't necessarily taken or enrolled in yet). You can see classes you've taken for past semesters or plan what you want to take in upcoming semesters (spring, summer, fall).

What if I need help deciding on a degree plan?

If you need help deciding, visit with one of our career advisors.

Updated August 28, 2023