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Quick Facts


Roll up your sleeves and create!

Take art classes to cultivate your imagination, your focus, and your powers of observation. Choose an art form that speaks to you, such as:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Metals
  • Photography

Explore art appreciation & art history

In these courses, you will learn about:

  • The creative process
  • Interpreting and evaluating works of art
  • Design principles from the layman’s point of view
  • Visual arts in their historical and cultural contexts

Reasons to Study Art

We offer:

  • Facilities equipped with the resources you need to develop your skills
  • Faculty artists who encourage fresh ideas and new challenges
  • Ways to exercise different parts of your brain

Campus Galleries

Our campus galleries present exhibits of work by our students, faculty, and other professional artists. 


Interested in earning a degree in art?

See Visual Arts.



Northeast Campus

Suzanne Perez
Chair, Art Department

Call 817-515-6241


Northwest Campus

Frederick C. Spaulding
Associate Professor of Art

Call 817-515-7557


South Campus

Joshua Goode
Chair, Fine Arts

Call 817-515-4526


Southeast Campus

Brandy M. Niccolai-Belfi
Associate Professor of Dance

Call 817-515-3844


Southeast Campus

Penelope Bisbee
Instructional Assistant & Coordinator of The Art Corridor Galleries

Call 817-515-3406


Trinity River Campus

Angel E. Fernandez
Communications & Fine Arts Department

Call 817-515-1371


Updated September 13, 2021