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Our program covers AutoCAD basics. We then move up to higher level skills that lead to professional enrichment and a well-rounded AutoCAD technical skill set.

The courses take you from 2-dimensional drawings to 3-dimensional drawings, from basic settings to advanced set-up and tool use. Introductory 3D design courses provide instruction in both SolidWorks and Rhino software. In-depth classes on these software systems are also available (DFTG-2011).

Recommended Textbook

"AutoCAD 2022 Instructor: A Student Guide for In-Depth Coverage of AutoCAD's Commands and Features"

  • Authors: James A. Leach B.I.D., M.Ed., and Shawna Lockhart
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-63057-420-8

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Northeast Campus

Harry Johnson, Ed.D.
Program Coordinator

Call 817-515-6997


Northeast Campus

Stacy Liebel
Career Advisor

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Updated April 02, 2024