Cloud Computing

Quick Program Facts

Program Description

Learn the basics of cloud computing—including the various cloud solutions and how to configure them.

You will focus on cloud infrastructure and how to migrate to cloud environments. Topics include:

  • Storage, computing & networking
  • Security, updating & backup operations
  • Adoption processes & implications
  • Automation & auto-scaling
  • Business continuity


After successfully completing our program, you will be prepared to serve as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect.

Credentials in Detail

This program prepares you to take and pass the following Amazon AWS certifications:

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate

Continue Your Studies

You can apply the credits you earn in this Cloud Computing program toward a credit certificate or degree.

See Information Technology: Cloud Computing to explore our credit options.

Eligibility Requirements & Prerequisites

You must be TSI eligible.

No prior computer experience required.

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How to Apply

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Northeast Campus

Harry Johnson, Ed.D.
Program Coordinator

Call 817-515-6997


Updated November 06, 2023