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Quick Program Facts

  • Institutional Award: 336 certificate hours
  • Number of courses: 3
  • Length of program: 10-16 weeks per course
  • Financial aid: Tuition Assistance
  • Campus: South

Program Description

You will learn fundamental, intermediate, and advanced techniques of upholstery. We stress the importance of personal safety and care of machines and tools.

You can earn a workforce certificate to prepare to work in the upholstery industry.

Fundamentals of Upholstery

This course will introduce you upholstery careers and skills.

You will learn about safety practices, including:

  • Upholstery safety
  • OSHA and the Hazardous Communication Act
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Shop operations
  • Proper selection, use, and care of hand tools and sewing machines

Hands-on practice activities include: 

  • Sewing basic seams
  • Sewing a welt cord
  • Welting material to pieces of fabric

You will also start learning how to:

  • Strip, inspect, and repair basic frames
  • Install seat covers

Intermediate Upholstery

You will study the proper selection and estimate of materials.

Also, you will study re‐upholstering standards, including:

  • Continued shop safety practices
  • Basic mathematical concepts
  • Measuring systems
  • Proper selection, use, and care of hand tools and equipment

Auto & Boat Upholstery

You will study automotive and boat upholstery, including the unique upholstering techniques involved with the automotive and boat upholstery industry.

Eligibility Requirements & Prerequisites

Fundamentals of Upholstery

No prerequisites

Intermediate Upholstery


Auto & Boat Upholstery


Course List

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South Campus

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Updated June 02, 2022