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Quick Program Facts

  • Continuing Education Certificate: 336 certificate hours
  • Number of courses: 3
  • Length of program: 8–12 weeks per course
  • Financial aid: Tuition Assistance
  • Campus: South

Program Description

Our program prepares you in the fundamentals as well as intermediate techniques of upholstery. We stress the importance of personal safety and care of machines and tools.

Fundamentals of Upholstery

This course will introduce you upholstery careers and skills.

You will learn about safety practices, including:

  • Upholstery safety
  • OSHA and the Hazardous Communication Act
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Shop operations
  • Proper selection, use, and care of hand tools and sewing machines

Hands-on practice activities include: 

  • Sewing basic seams
  • Sewing a welt cord
  • Welting material to pieces of fabric

You will also start learning how to:

  • Strip, inspect, and repair basic frames
  • Install seat covers

Intermediate Upholstery Class

You will study the proper selection and estimate of materials.

Also, you will study re‐upholstering standards, including:

  • Continued shop safety practices
  • Basic mathematical concepts
  • Measuring systems
  • Proper selection, use, and care of hand tools and equipment

Auto & Boat Upholstery Class

You will study automotive and boat upholstery, including the unique upholstering techniques involved with the automotive and boat upholstery industry.

Eligibility Requirements & Prerequisites

Fundamentals of Upholstery

No prerequisites

Intermediate Upholstery


  • UPHL-1003 Fundamentals of Upholstery

Auto & Boat Upholstery


  • UPHL-1003 Fundamentals of Upholstery
  • UPHL-1051 Intermediate Upholstery

Course List

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How to Apply

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Kate Smith

Updated July 02, 2020