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Quick Program Facts

  • Number of courses: 4
  • Total hours: 168
  • Length of program: 4–8 weeks per course
  • Financial aid: Tuition Assistance
  • Campus: South

Program Description

Our program prepares you in the fundamentals as well as intermediate techniques of upholstery. We stress the importance of personal safety and care of machines and tools.

Commercial Sewing Class

We are partnering with the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) to offer this course that teaches you how to use commercial grade sewing machines.

You will learn to:

  • Identify all parts of a commercial sewing machine
  • Work safely
  • Operate a commercial sewing machine for upholstery projects

You will practice with small projects, such as pillows and cushions.

Basic Class

You will learn to use the commercial sewing machine on introductory projects. Then you will reupholster a simple chair that you bring to class.

Intermediate Class

You will learn more complicated upholstery techniques, and you will tackle more involved projects that deal with springs and open arm chairs. After a short refresher in sewing basics and basic upholstery techniques, you will complete a project for which you will choose from a variety of furniture designs to reupholster in class.

Auto & Boat Upholstery Class

You will focus on specialized fabrics and techniques unique to auto and boat applications. 

Eligibility Requirements & Prerequisites

Basic Upholstery Class

No prerequisites

Intermediate Upholstery Class

You must:

  • Have successfully completed Commercial Sewing or the Basic Class or have equivalent basic industry knowledge of and experience with the commercial sewing machines
  • Know the introductory upholstery techniques needed to upholster a simple chair

If you already have some upholstery experience, you are encouraged to enroll in the intermediate class.  

Courses You Will Take

Check availability: Go to the Course Sections Offered by Term page and scroll down to Continuing Education Terms.

How to Apply

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Updated July 30, 2019