Why choose service learning?

Service learning gives you opportunities to develop your leadership skills and improve your learning. The leadership and service experience you gain make you stand out to employers, colleges and universities.

When you engage in service learning, you:

  • Develop leadership, critical thinking and personal management skills
  • Broaden your perspectives of diversity issues
  • See how your studies are relevant to your life
  • Network with people in the community
  • Develop civic responsibility through active community involvement

How does service learning work?


As part of your program, you perform service at non-profit community agencies. You are often able to choose the agency where you will serve.


Your course syllabus will give you the service learning guidelines and requirements. You should work with your course instructors to complete service learning required for specific courses. Determine whether your project is done independently or with others.

Encourage your professors and department chairs to set up new service learning classes.


Reflection assignments encourage your critical thinking and demonstrate your learning. You may keep journals, write essays or participate in class discussions.

Structured reflection activities provide a way for you to study and interpret the relationship between service and course content.

How do I start?

Contact your campus service learning staff.



Northeast Campus

Margie Curtis, M.Ed, Coordinator of Academic Support Services
NADM 1202D

Southeast Campus

Vernetta Burkhalter, Coordinator–Academic Support Services
ESED 1217A

Updated January 20, 2023