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Service Learning

Service learning programs foster the College's engagement within the larger community. Service learning promotes leadership, social and civic responsibility and student involvement as part of a college education.

Students, faculty and community partners and agencies come together to form an experiential learning experience. Students participate in an organized service activity that combines:

  • Academic study
  • Community service
  • Reflection

Volunteering vs. Service Learning

Volunteering is usually extracurricular. Your participation is strictly community service and has no connection to classroom instruction.

Service Learning is a co-curricular instructional strategy. In this environment you have the freedom to think critically about your education and examine your service in greater context.

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Northeast Campus

Stephanie Barnes, Coordinator of Academic Support Services
NBSS 1101-C

Southeast Campus

Vernetta Burkhalter, Coordinator, Academic Affairs
ESED 1217A

Trinity River Campus

Eddie Brassart, Assistant Director of Student Development Services
Idea Store (TRIS)

Updated January 26, 2021