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Weekend College

Enroll in the Weekend College to:

  • Be part of a learning community where you can make friends and find support
  • Balance your work and family responsibilities with your education
  • Come to campus 1 day per week, and complete the rest of your work online
  • Accelerate your path to an associate degree:
    • Become core complete in 12 months
    • Complete your Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree in 18 months

What is Weekend College?

Weekend College at TCC Connect Campus is designed to allow you to join a set group of students as you complete a college degree or the transferable core curriculum by attending classes only on weekends.

Weekend College may be right for you if you are:

  • Self-motivated
  • Up to the challenge of an accelerated program
  • Online ready
  • TSI exempt or complete
  • Going to college for the first time

You can maintain work-life balance

In Weekend College, you attend campus only one day per week. This schedule lets you balance family and work responsibilities with your school work more easily than a traditional course schedule allows.

You will work through 2 courses at a time during each of the District's 7-week terms.

Need to move faster?

If you combine eLearning and Weekend College courses, you may be able to finish your program in less than 2 years.


Weekend College

Updated February 14, 2019