Autism Spectrum Disorder Program

Our courses focus on the specific needs of adults with autism. Students will learn to self-advocate and organize themselves in school and everyday life. We will teach students how to use appropriate social and communication skills.

This program is possible through our partnership with the Texas Health and Human Services and Spectrum Services.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Southeast Campus
  • Cost: (may vary depending on the number of classes chosen.)


All students must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be able to travel to and from class independently or with an attendant.
  • Maintain appropriate behavior during unsupervised lunches and breaks or have an aide to supervise.
  • Demonstrate proper hygiene.
  • Not have a recent history of violent offenses.

Program Highlights

Students can choose between several focus areas: academic supports, social skills supports, and independent living skills supports.

Academics Supports

Students will learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively with campus faculty and staff (self-advocacy)
  • Request reasonable accommodations
  • Plan, organize, and complete tasks (executive functioning skills)

Social Skills Supports

Students will learn social skills through various activities. Some of these activities include:

  • Engaging in individual and small group mentoring sessions
  • Participating in role-play exercises in a college setting
  • Attending campus clubs or organizations

Independent Living Skills Supports

We will teach students:

  • Life skills needed to move into adulthood
  • How to manage the day-to-day schedules and tasks of a college student

How to Apply and Register

Before you can register, complete the following:

  1. Meet with Lifestyle and Community Learning staff at the campus you want to attend. We will review the courses in the program. 
  2. Complete an admission interview. 
  3. Review the registration process with one of our staff. (both student and parent)
  4. Bring a copy of your IEP. (if applicable)
  5. Gather funding sources.
  6. Visit a classroom in session. (optional)


Southeast Campus

Lifestyle and Community Learning

Updated February 08, 2024