Audit a Class

You audit a course when you take an undergraduate course for no college credit or grade.

Register in person at the Admissions and Registrar Office to audit a course. Visit the TCC Catalog Academic Calendar for Audit Registration dates.

  • As an audit student, you must meet the same admissions and prerequisites to enroll in a course as a credit student.
  • The cost for auditing courses is the same tuition rate for credit.
  • Courses may be audited on a space-available basis.
  • You may not change from credit to audit or audit to credit status.
  • If you are a senior citizen (65 years of age or older), you can audit credit and continuing education workforce courses without payment of tuition.

As an audit student, you are required to conform to the same conduct in the classroom and on campus as credit students.


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Updated January 20, 2023