Transcript Evaluation

If you're transferring to TCC from another accredited school, your evaluation processing will begin automatically once all of the criteria listed below has been completed.

Criteria for transfer evaluation:

  • Must have all official college transcripts from accredited institutions received by TCC
  • Must be registered for a course in the current or a future term, or
    If not registered, at least one of all required official college transcripts must be received by TCC within the immediate prior six months
  • Must have an active program status in an undergraduate program
  • Must not be a transient student
  • Must not be a continuing education-only student

Students with only international transcripts or military credit will be excluded.

Doesn't my transcript need to be evaluated before I can register?

No. Once TCC has received your official transcript, your TSI status may be updated.

If you have taken a prerequisite course elsewhere, a TCC career advisor can assist you with a registration permission or any other questions if you are unable to register online for a desired class.

An evaluation is used to:

  • Provide a consistent method of applying transfer coursework to a TCC degree
  • Assist you in tracking progress toward a degree
  • Support academic advisement
  • Satisfy financial aid and veteran affairs requirements

Am I eligible for a reverse transfer degree?

A reverse transfer degree allows you to combine your community college credits with other college credits you earned after leaving TCC to potentially meet requirements to earn an associate degree.

If you're not currently enrolled at TCC, contact after sending your transfer school's transcripts to TCC. Include your TCC student ID number (if you know it). We will be happy to review your transfer work from after you left us and see if you qualify for an associate degree from TCC!

Learn more about reverse transfer at TCC.

International Transcript Evaluations

An evaluation is optional for students with college/university coursework from outside the U.S.

Who can evaluate your coursework

If you would like your coursework evaluated, visit either of the following options for a TCC-approved evaluation agency:

TCC may or may not accept the recommendations of the chosen agency in awarding transfer credit for international college coursework.

Where to send the evaluation report

Please request your chosen agency send the evaluation report directly to TCC either by:

Puerto Rico Transcripts

Transcripts from Puerto Rico are considered U.S. transcripts. If your institution in Puerto Rico does not or will not issue your official transcript in English, you will need to provide an official translation.


Domestic Transcripts


Call 817-515-1590

International Transcripts


Call 817-515-1590

Updated August 11, 2023