Reverse Transfer

Earn your associate degree after you transfer from TCC!

What is reverse transfer?

If you started your education at TCC but didn't graduate before transferring to a four-year university, you can transfer the credits you earned there back to TCC to earn your associate degree while you complete your bachelor's degree. Please note, you may be required to take additional courses to complete your associate degree plan.

Am I eligible for reverse transfer?

You're eligible for reverse transfer if you:

  • Have taken at least 15 credit hours at TCC
  • Met all other degree requirements
  • Earned a minimum of 60 credit hours, including coursework at your university

How do I apply for reverse transfer?

If you're not currently enrolled at TCC,

  1. Send your transfer school's transcripts to TCC.
  2. Email Include your TCC student ID number (if you know it).

We will be happy to review your transfer work from after you left us and see if you qualify for an associate degree from TCC!

Does it cost anything to apply for reverse transfer?

TCC does not charge you for the reverse transfer process. Your transfer institution may charge you a transcript request fee.

What if I already completed my bachelor's degree? Can I still reverse transfer?

Yes, you're still eligible to apply for reverse transfer and earn your associate degree from TCC.

What if I have more questions?


Updated January 20, 2023