ESL and ESL for Professionals

English as a Second Language (ESL)  

Our classes are made up of multi-skills and multi-level groups of adults. We offer learning activities for individuals, but we find that you will engage and learn better in groups based on ability or in randomly assigned small groups.   

Classes typically meet twice a week in the daytime or evenings. Each class combines instruction and interactive practice in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. At orientation, students are given a placement test to ensure that instruction is designed to match their level of understanding.  

ESL for Professionals  

ESL for Professionals can help you validate your degree if you have a bachelor's degree from your home country but have not been able to get a job in your profession in the United States.  

Enroll in this 16-week course and we will help you get your degree verified so that you can present it to U.S. colleges and employers.  

Program Expectations 

If admitted into the program, you will be expected to attend the orientation and take both written and spoken standardized tests. You should be able to demonstrate a level of English proficiency so that you will be able to handle the curriculum used in the class.   

Transcript Evaluation

The fees for your degree verification are paid by the Workforce Commission of Tarrant County. 

Employment Preparation 

We will provide you with resources and skills that will help you improve your employment potential.  

During classes you will:  

  • Engage in interactive instruction in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing  
  • Practice how to write resumes, interview for a job, and network with people.  
  • Learn about online job search tools, including LinkedIn.  

If you would like to continue your educational journey, we will also share resources such as: 

  • Career-specific websites,  
  • Higher education online programs (free)  
  • TOEFL and GRE preparation websites (free)  


Educational Outreach


Updated May 18, 2023